A Wyvern is considered a [Lesser Dragon] with a dragon's head and wings, a reptilian body, two legs, and a tail. The first species is introduced on Day 148.

Known Species

Jadar Wyvern

First mentioned and seen in Day 148.

Located in the Jadar Mountains.

It has dark, blackish-green Dragon scales and a particularly violent temperament. There are poisonous spines on its back and it has a tail with a very strong body.

To capture one of these creatures is difficult, even for an entire army. The strongest and leader of a flock of Jadar Wyverns is normally known as a Jadar Wyvern Leader, similar to the Black Wolf Leader and Black Wolves.

A Chimera was made, by the Nobles Faction of the Sternbild Kingdom during the Civil War, combining multiple Jadar Wyverns. It was seen Day 176.

Jadar Wyvern Leader (Subspecies)

The strongest and leader of a flock of Jadar Wyverns.

One of Sternbild Kingdom's 4 Heroes captured one from the Jadar Mountains to be used as entertainment in the Colosseum. It was killed by Rou in one hit by slicing it in half with his halberd.

Lightning Wyvern

Mentioned in Day 152. Its scales were used to make a thunder spear, that was one of the potential rewards for the Tournament of Heroes that occured on Days 156 and 157.