Race Warpidron
Debut Day 200
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Warpidron is the boss of the 5th floor of the 【Age of the Gods】dungeon 【Aquarium Forlia】.
Some Warpidron children were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


With a horn shaped like a wave on the surface of it there was a huge whale's head, and then there was a huge body with eight legs. Long, like a snake's tail hit the water.
Four huge red eyes, tirelessly watching its surroundings.
The entire body is covered in a massive ultramarine colored skin with a metallic sheen. A huge monster, 15 meters in length, a height of 7 meters, and a width of 5 meters.

It is strong enough to tear appart Aporou's right hand.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Carrying Lightning Horn】: permits the user to shoot lightning form his horns
  • 【Whale’s Whistling Voice】
  • 【Battle Cry】
  • 【Water Pulse】 by clearing the boss with the achievement 【Solo Kill】


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