Warpidron is the boss of the 5th floor of the 【Age of the Gods】dungeon 【Aquarium Forlia】.
Some Warpidron children were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


A huge horn shaped akin to a wave on a whale’s head. The body is huge, 8 legs protruded from the massive hulk.
Four huge red eyes, tirelessly watching its surroundings. Long, like a snake's tail hit the water.
The entire body is covered in a massive ultramarine colored skin with a metallic sheen.
A huge monster, 15 meters in length, a height of 7 meters, and a width of 5 meters.


The basic attacks it has are lightning attacks and strikes with its horn, the whale can also spurt out torrents of water that have such pressure that it can easily cut through steel.
It also has water jets to limit the movement of the enemy.

Using its 8 feet and long tail, it is able to move through water at a frightening speed.
The sheer amount of water don’t hinder its movement as it is a marine beast, and thus only serves as an advantage for it. Moreover, since it is a water style beast, the water only serves to allow it to better reveal its power.

It has a rather serious vitality so every part of its body has to be heavily damaged before it died. The skull is as tough as metal.

It is strong enough to tear appart Aporou's right hand.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Carrying Lightning Horn】: permits the user to shoot lightning form his horns
  • 【Whale’s Whistling Voice】
  • 【Battle Cry】
  • 【Water Pulse】 by clearing the boss with the achievement 【Solo Kill】


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