First seen in Day 237.

One of the field bosses roaming around in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain.

The 4th field boss seen by Rou and his 8 Demon Generals.

The first time it is killed, it drops 【Mausoleum of the Wild Boar King】 as a first time subjugation bonus.

Below needs editing, it was taken directly from the Day

The one that approached were was the king of the Bull Orcs and Orcs that lived inside the volcano. He roughly resembled a warrior with the head of a boar, and slaughtered his enemies with 2 huge butcher knifes that he wielded.

I look up to see a massive figure of approximately 6 meters in height, his body covered by bristle while wearing a minimum amount of clothes and decorations. He was overflowing with a wild, barbarous charm.

The name of this warrior was Vulcan Bull Orc King.

The top dog of the orcs that went through 【Rank-up】―― Bull Orcs ――Vulcan Bull Orc King was the 4th field boss. In other words, because of this 【Trespasser】, we had to keep 2 field bosses company at the same time.

It became a lot more likely that there would be casualties.

Because the 9 of us were the main force, the loss of even a single demon would be greater than the potential profit of this dungeon capture.

Kugime-chan was able to spot the 【Trespasser】 before he arrived because she was monitoring the area.

Rou left the Large Vulcan Golden Elephant to the 8 Demon Generals, and decided to fight the Vulcan Bull Orc King with just 1 demon, me.