First seen in Day 235.

One of the field bosses roaming around in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain.

The first field boss seen by Rou and his 8 Demon Generals.

The first time it is killed, it drops 【Flame Ape General’s Coffin】 as a first time subjugation bonus.

Below needs editing, it was taken directly from the Day

Capable of high speed movement and has numerous subordinate Volcanic Apes.

Its entire muscular body are covered by red, hard, magic metal spikes. Its 4 thick, tough, strong arms are tightly gripping a club made out of lava.

It has 6 golden eyes are looking at while skittering around restlessly. Also has 6 very long tails are growing from its behind and are skillfully moving back and forth. *zig zag (sfx)* Its big, thick legs are straddling a lava pillar of about 5 meter high with its strong toes creating a foothold with its strong grip.

A large monkey that has made the forest of lava pillars his territory.

The four-armed Volcanic Ape General leads a lot of two-armed Volcanic Apes that are about half its size. Its strong presence is able stop overwhelm and stop anyone in the neighborhood in its track.

Its golden eyes are observing us in detail. If we show any openings in our defense, it’ll probably attack immediately.

It looks to be very tough, not only individually, but as leader of the pack as well.

It is capable of an overwhelming roar that breaks a lot of lava pillars in the area.