It's been quite some time, has it not?

Quite some time since the days of the mass releases.

Why is this so you wonder and rave?

It is because the effort to clean Re:Monster days has grown as a burden to me.

As such, I'm making my last poll to only those who offer their honest opinions.

This is the most serious matter I shall ever broach with you glorious and loyal readers of the Re:Monster community.

Before I do, I will explain the process of the Pacem translation technique.

We first use the Translation Aggregator, which uses a variety of translation software to produce an 'English RAW'. This is stage one, a compared rough draft from several of the most advanced Japanese to English translation software.

The second stage is corrections. Of names, of towns, locations, people, creatures.

This stage does not take long.

Now the stage that takes 80-90% of the time. It used to be quite equal with Google Translate, but these days with the Aggregator, that work is much easier and far more accurate, often bypassing stage two completely.

Stage three is a revision of grammar, sentences, and multiple edits to make the story as fluid as possible coming from a Japanese to English base.

This process used to be quite quick for me, but now I find myself staring at a screen for hours without any progress.

So, what to do.

I've pondered what to do for weeks now, thinking why this is the case.

Simple, I'm tired of Re:Monster and want it done so I can move on.

I've lost my team, and hardly anyone has risen up to aid me in my quest.

Honestly, i'm pretty sure if even two people consistantly kept in contact with me and offered their help, before this point of course, I would have returned to the old stage. But no one offered, instead choosing to complain and or battle amongst the White and Black parties of the comments. 

Now I'm not upset in anyway, and instead am offering a solution to all of your sorrows.

[Option 1 - continue as you are, taking a week or two per day, but at the highest of quality and enjoyment]

[Option 2 -  commit the greatest offense, break the Pacem's translation contract and only do two stages]

These are your choices.

[Option 1] will see very few releases, but at high quality.

[Option 2] will see well over a dozen releases weekly, but at medium quality. If you want reference, it is similar to what was released for Day 122 before my own work. Mind when I say over a dozen, I am seriously meaning such. There will be a grande release, where we will catch up to the main series within two months of today. But the quality will drop, and this is the point of my saying this.

This option, suggests that I stop 90% of my edits on Re:Monster for the sole purpose of releasing medium quality releases.

Now you choose.

Option 1 is my partial release on 122,

Option 2 is the release below that.

Final Results

Option 1


Option 2                                                                          


Option 2 to go into affect April 4th after my Exams on Monday and Friday~


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