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[2/20/2018] Mindless Babble

You know, it's always an interesting thing to consider, considering things. When you try and consider what you want to do, be it in life, the next day, the next week, around the corner, next year, and so on, it's always interesting. That's more or less it, it's interesting. Go around doing all sorts of things, but oft easily distracted. Dunno indeed, it's wierd, but not wierd. When you look at it, it's wierd, but when you don't look at it, it just is, and when you do it, it sounds fine!

Completely bizzare, I know with absolute certainty that I know what I know, but will I continue to know or not is a sound question. I can believe I know, I can say that I know, but do I truly know, or will I only just know, if I can know how to know. Oh, how can one know how to know, now THAT is a good question. To ask a question logically and soundly about the intrinsic nature of knowing is to truly ask a question that is necessary and sound. We must truly know how to know knowingly in order to know how to know the know, that is the sub-root of the question that we must ask about the root cause of causal questioning!

That makes coming up with the answer quite simple, ya' know?