As you know, 

I, WhiteSamurai, started <<Pacem Community Translations>> after a significant amount of people offered their help in the processing of Re:Monster chapters known as 'Days'. 

Currently our main and only focus is to get to present date of the Re:Monster Day's as soon as possible.

Though once that is done, if the team holds out for the long haul, i'd say i'd be interested in picking up a second project to keep ourselves busy.

This Blog is for suggesting ideas and current inactive or non-existant translations for Web Novels/ Light novels from Japanese authors to be translated into English using our translation methods.

That said, not a single one of us actually speaks or reads Japanese, our process is using Google Translate to create 'English RAWs', that is the first step process. The Second step is also carried out by the Google Translation team, the ones who created the 'English RAWs', wherein they fix and change the names of characters, locations, skills, as well as editing the spacing and punctuation of some of the sentences to recover from the very rough English RAW that comes straight from Google Translate. For some this version is actually readable, but we go one step further. Whenever I am able, i start a Cleaning session where i take the current English RAW as a base, and rewrite the entire, chapter/ Day or what have you, in it's entirity. This changes a rough and hard to read piece from Google Translate into something that, if done right, sounds as if it were written by a translator. While some details are changed and or altered in the process, the overall story is preserved and understandable for the general public.

That is the process in which the current <<Pacem Community Translations>> has tackled the current Re:Monster chapters. There is alot of effort involved and many hours spent translating, processing, and cleaning each chapter into something that the community can enjoy. 

With the Translation process revealed, its actually something that almost anyone can do if you put your mind and heart into it. I just decided to do it, and when i asked, some people decided to come with me and face the challenge of translating Re:Monster.

If you want to join up, hop into one of my live cleaning sessions over the weekend, or drop a message to myself or Luvith depending on what you want to do. I handle cleaning, the part where you have to rewrite the page entirely, making sure you don't change anything that is important to the story, skipping even a single skill by accident is inexcusable since it will only ever be mentioned being gained once. If you want to give it a try, drop me a line and i'll tell you a day to show what you're made of on. Don't worry, we have backups if you make a mistake. If you want to help with translations, even if you have no skill what-so-ever, drop a line to Luvith, most of the Translation team had no experience before they started as well, so no hard feelings if it takes you awhile to get used to it. 

With introductions and who to contact laid forth, what should be <<Pacem Community Translations>> next project after we finish here?

Since we're a community group, it has to be something that the whole group is interested in doing. 

The prerequisites are:

It has to be either completed or long

It has to be entertaining to us, think something along Re:Monster and Tate No Yuusha

                               -Not to say anything unlike them will not be considered

It doesn't have to be in Japanese, but all of the RAWs need to be accessable

It can't something that another translation group is already activily doing

It can be something that is currently on hiatus from another translation group

It can't be any more suggestive than Re:Monster, i personally wont be cleaning full blown sex-scenes 

                               -I'll leave it up to those reading to decern what is acceptable

If it has these requirements, then leave the name of it down below in the comments. I'll look through them and when an interesting one pops up i'll mention it to the others for discussion.

[The 2018 Update to Terms of Service]

We of Pacem and of the Community continue to service and maintain the core hub of Re:Monster across the board as well and as true as we can. Whilst our semblance of order has long since decreased, the community lives on even as Pacem burns only as an ember. Pacem members still serve the community, even if they no longer have the time to support it any longer.



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