As of 1/6/15 I decided to make an account on the Re:Monster wiki and begin cleaning 72-80

As of 1/7/15 I met Sir - Luvith and continued cleaning 72-80

As of 1/8/15 I Managed to clean up every one of the Google Translated pages for Days 72-80

As of 1/9/15 I set out to conquest 81-90

                    ~5:00pm est, <<Pacem Community Translations was born

                    ~7:00pm est, I got word that my night plans were canceled

As of 1/10/15  12:58am, i finished my conquest of Days 81-90

Who am i? I'm a Samurai, but other than that, lets get the jokes aside and get to the description.

After seeing how helpful the community here on the Re:Monster Wiki was, i decided to reach out and challenge the community to help me by posting new Google Translated versions of the Re:Monster Light novel.

The response was good, along the way, Luvith and several others came along for the ride and started offering their help. Once an admin created the section for 81-90, the process had begun.

After thinking about it, i hopped into the Live Chat section and in came Luvith. As my thanks for his help i decided i'd clean Chapter 78 and he would be the first to read it. 

Well along came several others interested in what was happening, and it turned into a minor event.

After that, i decided to make it my regular process and did so again during my 9 hour session when i was cleaning all of 81-90 provided by the Google Translation team.

My purpose for doing what i've done and plan to do is because of the dozens upon dozens of kind words and sheer level of praise i have recieved so far. Without that support, i would not have gone past Day 80 period.

Now then, with you all caught up to date, Who wants 91-95?


Sci White Samura

What my Avatar would look like in Rau's World



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