Well, as i've announced, my Laptop that all of my previous work on both Re:Monster and all matters pertaining to Pacem, had died.

As such, i'm now left without any of my previous programs, tools, notes, and character sheets for all of the series.

Now, there are two ways that I see to deal with this, (Well, there are three, but Stopping on Re:Monster is out of the question) First is to spend a great deal of time rebuilding my database and notes, as well as getting all of my programs and links to my RAWs for all of the series that I want to do. I also lost track of all of the manga that I was following that helped me write my novels as well as what I enjoyed to just read.

The second is to do this while giving the community a 'shopping list' of things that I need to get back on track.

Well, i'm taking the second option, so, for those that want to help me get EVERYTHING back, I offer my shopping list ^^'

~Raw Links~

(When RAWs are mentioned, this means digital transcripts, not images)

-I need the RAWs for Slime tensei

-I need the RAWs for Jashin Tensei

-I need the RAWs for Heibon Desu

-I need the RAWs for Volumes 5+ of Danmachi 

(Oh yes, i'll be translating it (Volume 5, 5+), but me and my boys have a way with dealing with how to release these)

(Needs to be Japanese version)

--I want RAWs to untranslated novels that are very interesting and have over a hundred chapters

To note, once I read a comment with some of the information, i'll remove the comment and the item from here.

If the comment isn't removed, I haven't seen it yet.

I'll also be working to get my software and such set up and getting my character sheets complete.

To clarify, I had pages full of notes and data that i've been compiling over the several months i've been around, so losing it all will slow my progress down quite a bit. I'll do what I can, but even getting all of this will only be a fraction of what I need to slowly recover over time. 

I'm also going into Final exams next week and the week after that, so don't expect me to kick up right away after we get a few of these bullet points hammered out.

Of course there is alot more that I need to gather, but that's on my end.

I'm in medical school after all, these aren't highschool midterms ;P

Well, I leave any help I can get into your hands~


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