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    Here are scheduled releases of Processed/ Edited Days released by WhiteSamurai of Pacem Community Translations. The notice for releases are for Re:Monster, Ant Tensei Redux, and Nameless Hero.

    The later two are novels written by WhiteSamurai. The reason for such listings are for informing the readers of the reasoning behind lower releases of Re:Monster due to a rise in the focus on other series. This schedule is subject to change even when the day in question has come. 

    A college student's schedule may change in the blink of an eye and cannot be so easily predicted.







    Day 206

    No releases will ever be done on Sundays, that's a day off.

    Last updated: (February 20, 2018)



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  • WhiteSamurai

    Well, as i've announced, my Laptop that all of my previous work on both Re:Monster and all matters pertaining to Pacem, had died.

    As such, i'm now left without any of my previous programs, tools, notes, and character sheets for all of the series.

    Now, there are two ways that I see to deal with this, (Well, there are three, but Stopping on Re:Monster is out of the question) First is to spend a great deal of time rebuilding my database and notes, as well as getting all of my programs and links to my RAWs for all of the series that I want to do. I also lost track of all of the manga that I was following that helped me write my novels as well as what I enjoyed to just read.

    The second is to do this while giving the community a 'shopping list' of …

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  • WhiteSamurai

    The vote on quality

    March 27, 2015 by WhiteSamurai


    It's been quite some time, has it not?

    Quite some time since the days of the mass releases.

    Why is this so you wonder and rave?

    It is because the effort to clean Re:Monster days has grown as a burden to me.

    As such, I'm making my last poll to only those who offer their honest opinions.

    This is the most serious matter I shall ever broach with you glorious and loyal readers of the Re:Monster community.

    Before I do, I will explain the process of the Pacem translation technique.

    We first use the Translation Aggregator, which uses a variety of translation software to produce an 'English RAW'. This is stage one, a compared rough draft from several of the most advanced Japanese to English translation software.

    The second stage is corrections. Of nam…

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  • WhiteSamurai

    The Random Blog

    January 16, 2015 by WhiteSamurai

    This blog is for the sake of my random banter that occurs during the cleaning process.

    My teasers and etc would probably also fit in here.

    While not a fantastic block of paragraphs elaborating the wonderous uses of this blog page,

    Its a Samurai Blog, so its bound to be amazing right?


    [2/20/2018] Mindless Babble

    You know, it's always an interesting thing to consider, considering things. When you try and consider what you want to do, be it in life, the next day, the next week, around the corner, next year, and so on, it's always interesting. That's more or less it, it's interesting. Go around doing all sorts of things, but oft easily distracted. Dunno indeed, it's wierd, but not wierd. When you look at it, it's wierd, but when you don't look …

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  • WhiteSamurai

    As you know, 

    I, WhiteSamurai, started after a significant amount of people offered their help in the processing of Re:Monster chapters known as 'Days'. 

    Currently our main and only focus is to get to present date of the Re:Monster Day's as soon as possible.

    Though once that is done, if the team holds out for the long haul, i'd say i'd be interested in picking up a second project to keep ourselves busy.

    This Blog is for suggesting ideas and current inactive or non-existant translations for Web Novels/ Light novels from Japanese authors to be translated into English using our translation methods.

    That said, not a single one of us actually speaks or reads Japanese, our process is using Google Translate to create 'English RAWs', that is the first…

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