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Early in the morning, the expedition left as planned in one line, riding on the skeleton centipedes.

Last night I decided that 66 people in total would leave this time. There are various types of overcoats prepared for them, according to the preference of each individual such as cloaks, hooded cloaks, and ponchos. These are the accessories with insignias that the leprechaun and I were crafting before. By the way, Kanami-chan and I chose the poncho type. All overcoats were distributed accordingly.

On the back of the cloak was the ≪ Parabellum≫ emblem, which would help in easily distinguishing members from non-members. An insignia on the right shoulder shows the division each member belongs to and an individual rank insignia is embroidered on the left chest area with gold thread. Thus making it easy to know each member’s class specifications at a glance. Even the person who sees it for the first time understands it belongs to the organization.

The material was made from a combination of drop item from creatures like Minotaurs. It was composed of a peculiar fiber which has high endurance, is waterproof, and has cold and heat resistance. Normally these drop item are sold at Labyrinth city, but since the drop rate is low, they are quite expensive. Since Minokichi-kun reached dungeon bosses there, he hunted a large amount of Minotaurs and such, and collected sufficient of the needed materials. (Powder of turtle snake's shell and crystal crocodile's crocodile leather, etc,) The excellent product was obtained after leprechauns adjusted a variety of monster materials to one by my string and a special technique.

Embroidery and quality of the overcoats was better than some armors in pristine condition, even more so having added enchantments to them.

It is scheduled to be mass produced and be adopted as the formal equipment of the whole mercenary group in the future.

And now, back to the expedition.

Since this is the second expedition outside the forest by skeleton centipedes, some routes were already made now. Including the shortest patch which we will be taking to the Imperial City.

When the skeleton centipede advances in a difficult place like the mountain path or where the trees grow in abundance and terrain is harsh, it changes to match the terrain and be able to traverse it. Skeleton centipedes also possess a coating, I prepared for them, which is able to protect it from sunshine to prevent weakening. Traveling through the first part of our journey, our forest, was the most time consuming. This is because we had to ensure that the route we take was camouflaged so an enemy could not track it back to the base.

Naturally, this is only until we are out of the forest. The expedition centipedes are forming a line in succession until we exit, because the width or the route only accommodates one centipede at a time. And, after we are out of the forest, the different groups head toward their respective destination.

Now detailing the groups I mentioned before,

The first group that is heading toward the Imperial City is led by me.

The members include Kanami chan, red hair, and others for a total of 24 people such as Wind Lord-san and Seiji-kun. The group is using 4 skeleton centipedes.

The second group that will procures training and goods in the labyrinth city is led by Minokichi-kun. The members are Minokichi-kun, Asue-chan, some Lords and Boss Monkeys totaling 20 people. This group is using 3 skeleton centipedes.

Because rewards often work in keeping the mercenary mass happy. I assigned this group to meet their family and friends that had left Parabellum for the Kingdom and Empire.

These people were previously assigned to Minokichi’s group, last expedition, 22 people in total receive this reward. The group is using 3 skeleton centipedes.

And thus it can be divided into three different group.

Though each group has their own respective problem. No blunder can be allowed to happen in this expedition.

I can’t shake off this feeling of uneasiness and as such keep thinking about it and what could it mean.

Even if I worry about it, there is nothing I can do about it, so as to change my feelings I start thinking about something else.

My group that was headed to the Imperial City in this expedition, did not take as many breaks as we usually would. I decided to travel as much distance as we possibly can on our first day.

Because the skeleton centipedes don't allow passengers to feel any turbulence, maintenance of weapons and such, was made easy, travel time was effectively used.

We were able to traverse the vast meadows and the hilly district outside the forest before evening. We even went past the mountain path that leads to where [Four-Winged Faisal Eagle] live, it was possible to advance a considerable distance.

Considerable time was lost because we stopped regularly because of encounters with monsters I had seen for the first time, to hunt and eat them. This was necessary because of the useful information obtained.

It isn't to get tired as expected, and maybe the skeleton centipede which can outperform of the ordinary carriage is excellent as transportation mean. And when twiddling the shape, the skeletal centipede is also a primitive tank and is of great use. We camped in plains near the highway today, while pondering about future practical uses for the skeleton centipede.

The skeletal centipede which will be also instead of a tent when uniting and changing it. It's convenient as expected.

That night; since we weren't able to train much during the day, the training for the next two hours was considerably harder.

Though Fire Lord-kun is in my group as well as before, too, A Thunder DragonNewt, Ramura-san, is also present. She has golden color pupil and hair which extends to the waist, white skin, well-endowed beauty. Two horns grow from the forhead and bend towards the back, long thin tail extends from the hip and possesses a Thunder orb located at the center of her forehead. She wanted to join in on the training session and doing so Ramura-san and members as strong as her, caused a lot of injuries.

Fortunately, because Seiji-kun is in the same group, it is safe because he can immediately heal even serious injuries.

After that, Kanami-chan wooed me followed by the arrival of Red Hair and we mingled. The sight of both of them illuminated in the moonlight was beautiful.*

Oh dear! Kanami-chan and Red Head massaged and developed a great coming movement…*

(TL Note: those last sentences marked with * were very hard to translate and should REALLY be edited, but you get the gist ;P)

Today's synthesis results.

【Crescent Strike】+【Soaring Decapitation】=【Crescent Soaring Strike】 * 【弧月閃】+【飛翔斬】=【弧月飛翔閃】

(TL Note: Could someone please check to try and match these I left the untranslated in case someone does a better translation.)

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