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  • Regendorf

    Day 131

    April 24, 2015 by Regendorf

    Needs editing

    Early in the morning, the expedition left as planned in one line, riding on the skeleton centipedes.

    Last night I decided that 66 people in total would leave this time. There are various types of overcoats prepared for them, according to the preference of each individual such as cloaks, hooded cloaks, and ponchos. These are the accessories with insignias that the leprechaun and I were crafting before. By the way, Kanami-chan and I chose the poncho type. All overcoats were distributed accordingly.

    On the back of the cloak was the ≪ Parabellum≫ emblem, which would help in easily distinguishing members from non-members. An insignia on the right shoulder shows the division each member belongs to and an individual rank insignia is …

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