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[Gossip about The Awakening of The Axe Emperor of Destruction]

[??? Perspective: Day 90 ~ Day 113]

There stood a Great Demon (Ogre), in the hands of this brown demon was an axe and a shield, he was in the deepest part of the Dungeon, scraping out flesh and blood in a fight.

The enemy was also a demon. It was the same as the Great Demon, but it was an Ogre with black skin and a silver left arm.

In their battle, the black demon was predominant.  Despite being an fake that was created by reading the mind of the Great Demon, the Black Demon, who had been strengthened by the imagination of the Great Demon, beated up the Great Demon using an overwhelming force.

While the Great Demon was being pushed back, it didn't mean that he was going to lose.

In the hand of the Black Demon was a halberd. Lightning was gushing out from the spear head, water was flying out from the axe blade, flame was dancing on the pick head, its butt end had the ability to manipulate the earth, the halberd was about to reap the head of the Great Demon.

The Great Demon was able to partially destroyed it successfully. Not only did he managed to cut the body of the Black Demon with one swing of his axe, he used his thick shield to smash its bones broken, its brain was shaking due to being hit by a rock. <<probably means that he partially destroyed the halberd>>

But the Black Demon was nowhere near to surrender. The Black Demon used the well-trained martial arts to hunt down the Great Demon with a myriad of intensive foreign abilities.

Water balls emerged from the void and bursted, hollowing out his meat.  The ground was raised into a spear, hurting his legs.  Tearing through his flesh were blades of wind, cutting off his horns. Suddenly, there emerged a knife thrown at him, and it pierced through his arm.  An axe, which boasted the mortal power, was received with a circular motion, bending in an impossible direction which shattered the knee of the pivot foot.

The Black Demon's attacks for the life of the Great Demon was certainly sharpened, but no matter how many attacks the Great Demon delivered, all of them would be healed by the excellent recovery ability of the Black Demon.

As the fight drag on, only the Great Demon was continuously exhausted, the Black Demon kept on fighting without any sight of fatigue and continued to recover.

But the Great Demon didn't give in, therefore he faced his breakdown due to the thorough beatings.

His trusty shield which has saved his life many times was flicked away, it was stuck into the ground far away from his reach. He stubbornly holding onto his beloved axe, but the destruction was enough for him not to even feel the pain from the wounds of his own flesh, bone, and internal organs.

The Black Demon made its second strike. Its fists moved with a blurry speed, the hits was so heavy that it was comparable to those of the Great Demon.

The Great Demon was blown away by the last blow, to the verge of losing his futile life.

To be a little more realistic, just a little bit more and he would have died.  Watching the Great Demon battle up until this point was his comrades, but before they could help him, the Great Demon was supposed to have died.

But there was help.

From God, the blessing of one of the great pillars. << It was the help from the genuine Black Demon that the Great Demon was seeking for. >> Comrades of the Great Demon aim to get the help of genuine Black Demon. To mend the life of the Great Demon, then give him a new power.

There was thunder. It was golden thunder.

There was a fire. It was white flame.

Raging thunder flame engulfed the Great Demon, the Great Demon was climbing the floor of evolution in his half dead state.

The Bull Head Demon [Minotaur]. It was a huge bull, slightly bigger than a Great Demon (Ogre) of the [Demon] lineage monster.

He twisted his body and stood up. The Black Demon was surprised at the figure of the Minotaur, the Minotaur couldn't fully grasp the situation.  However, simple-minded, the Minotaur shortened his distance with the fake Black Demon with his beloved axe in his hand.

The Black Demon was a formidable enemy, but it was cleaved in front of the Minotaur's overwhelming speed and attack force.  The earth cracked with an axe blow, golden thunder and white flame gushed out, destroyed the surroundings.

The fake Black Demon was anihilated without even leaving a corpse.

Thus the outcome was settled. The Minotaur had ran out of power and fall again, but this time it was just to sleep rather than to die.

In front of his comrades, the Minotaur was wrapped in deep peace.

--Later on, along with the name of the genuine Black Demon, their names roar across the world, this was the awakening of [The Axe Emperor of Destruction].

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