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    This is google translated with just a few edits. You can just wait for other translation team to pick this up elsewhere for better translation. For now, please bear with this.

    P/s: Please pardon my bad grammar.

    [Gossip about The Awakening of The Axe Emperor of Destruction]

    [??? Perspective: Day 90 ~ Day 113]

    There stood a Great Demon (Ogre), in the hands of this brown demon was an axe and a shield, he was in the deepest part of the Dungeon, scraping out flesh and blood in a fight.

    The enemy was also a demon. It was the same as the Great Demon, but it was an Ogre with black skin and a silver left arm.

    In their battle, the black demon was predominant.  Despite being an fake that was created by reading the mind of the Great Demon, the Black Demon, …

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