So I guess I'll start from the beginning. I came here because I honestly couldn't get enough of Re:Monster. I read the first 10 mangas and I felt like there had to be more. I googled Re:Monster for literally like 3-4 days without avail, until I found a reddit post about saying that Wiki had the light novel! I was extremely excited and immediately started reading and within a couple of days I caught up to where Re:Trans decided to take a break and I became devastated until I came across a Samurai dressed in white that swept everyone away on his magic carpet(his Brain) and offered to help us as long as we helped him. I immediately decided that it was necessary to join his group Pacem Community Translations which he made me the head of the GT section. I'm extremely inexperienced with translating Jap-Eng, but I feel like I'm slowly getting better. I speak Brazilian Portuguese fluently and a little bit of spanish. anyways enough about me I'm here to remind everyone that our group Pacem Community Translations is very dependent on the rest of the community so help us out, if you are interested please write a comment below and I'll get back to you!

Sincerely, ~Luv Member ofPacem Community Translations

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