I recently made a whole slew of changes to the character pages (Rou, Kichi, Mi, Sei, Sato, and E). I would like to give explanations here as to why I did such change and the details of the changes.

Before I changed the character pages, they utilized simple tabs for extra pages. Some of the pages existed prior to my involvement with the wiki, and some I made as the tabs were there before. But I digress, I did not think it was optimal for these pages to use simple tabs that linked to other pages and had separate talk pages about the same character. Furthermore, navigation is horrid on those pages and would require extraneous codes within each page to properly aid navigation. I wanted to change them, but didn't have time to sit down to think about it.

Therefore yesterday, I took the liberty of switching some to tabview as to centralize them into a single page. Much like what Oddysy did to the novels. However, after Oddysy gave me some advice on tabview and tabber, I noticed that tabview was not correctly displaying images in the galleries of the character pages. As such, I decided to switch them into tabbers.

In order to do this, I moved each sub-pages (Overview [which I created to hold the most of the information on the character pages when switching to tabview], Abilities, Relationships, and Equipment [if it existed]) to templates namespace from main namespace. In addition, I created a modified version of Template:VTE named Template:TabberTE to direct editing to the template pages (view directs to the template page, and talk directs to the characters talk page instead of template talk page). In addition, header level 2 and 3 was enabled in MediaWiki:Wikia.css by me (as per instructions here: [slightly modified from what they instructed as I separated the code to enable header 2 from header 3. do note if those codes are removed, the headers will be disabled once again]).

If any of the other admins do not like what I have done and want to revert back to what it was last week, tell me and I'll work on it asap to change everything back. I did not change Fu, Me, and Ji (so those pages reflect what was there before) since their pages are relatively empty atm, but I do plan on eventually switching them into using tabber.

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