one day my brother went out (dunno where he went)

then night time came he still didnt come back home

so i just slept (my brother arrived late that night)

in the morning everything was fine ...

after a few days i noticed something was going on

everytime i or my other family members called my brother

using the cellphone ,he always cant be reached

so my father had the talk with my brother

it seems his phone was stolen from him and his story went like this :

i was walking by the park. then two men came at me.

they held a knife at my neck and told me "give me all your money"

but my brother said "i dont have any money so just take my cellphone"  (DAFUQ!!!)

he said the robbers also stole his alchohol (isopropyl alchohol)...(y dafuq would anyone steal that??)

end of story...

now me and my fathers reaction was like ,Seriously?

and father told my brother ,"Thats the most stupidest thing you could ever do"

i know my fathers not stupid to believe that dumbsh!t story

because he was tired he just let it go...

the cellphone was an

(iPhone 5!!!!)

my opinion= i think that my brother thinks all his family members are stupid

                i never believed that story,i mean would u give your lunch money 

                or your cellphone if you have to choose???

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