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Day 311

Today's weather is clear, and what an ideal day for festival, isn't it ?

While thinking so, I climb the platform instantly which I build by rising the ground. I looked around the [outside training ground] that was already expanded than before and also maintained.

Those will fight in the holy war are inside there. I, who is the leading role of this festival along with my woman, to be easy to see before the whole tribe with small body such as goblin and kobold which behind The tribe those proud of a big body such as Minotaurus and Troll, I arranged them equallly in orderly manner.

[TL;ED note: it use 鬼[Oni] which mean Ogre/Demon/Ogre-like person. Ogre isn't exactly a demon (that use 魔 [Ma]) so I use "ogre-like" to make it not ambiguous]

Some part of straight mature form is absent this time because they job at backstage, except for an exception. Even by just this members that are standing in line surpasses 3,000 people.

If I classify the members whose standing in line ――

Small Oni[鬼](Goblin) kind are 800

Middle Oni[鬼](Hobgoblin) kind are 700

Great Oni[鬼](Ogre) kind are 100

Huge Oni[鬼](Troll) kind are 40

Pig Oni[鬼](Orc) kind is 50

Wild boar Oni[鬼](Bull.Orc) kind are 20

Monkey Oni[鬼](Yafuru.ヤフル) kind are 30

Half Oni[鬼](Half.Lord) kind are 80

Lord kind are 30

Cow-headed Oni[鬼](Minotaurus) kind are 15

Half vampire(Damphyr) kind are 30

Vampire kind are 15

Deceased Eating Oni[鬼](Ghoul) kind are 40

“Kobold kind are 400

“Elf being are 30

Highest rank of Humanoid Insect(Insectoid) kind are 10

Humanoid Ape(Ororin [オロリン]) kind are 30

“Human being are 200

Humanoid Lizard(Lizardman) kind are 50

half humanoid Dragon (Half.Drago.Newt) kind are 30

humanoid Dragon (Drago.Newt) kind are 15

Half Demon being(Half.Midian) kind are 20

Akaboushi(Red.Cap) are 20

half dragon horse(Dragotaurus) kind are 10

half human & horse(Centaurus) kind are 20

headless knight(Dullahan) are 15

humanoid tiger(Weretiger) are 50

humanoid wolf(Werewolf) are 50

Cait Sith soldier(Cat.nail) are 50

“ <<Familiar>> kind are 500"

it will goes with such condition.

the rest of it are mixed of variation of tribes.

This classification and number are only rough guess since it can't be helped.

For example, the goblin race have the goblin mage, goblin rider, and including goblin cleric that are summarized in the same category. If it is Lords, an Mine Lords(Earth.Lords) or a Gale Lords(Wind.Lord) Lords are gathered up as the same classification.

Because the tribe in it except the above is, the number will fluctuate a little more if I am going to classify it finely.

However, even I omit it this time even because it is only troublesome if I make it detailed too much.

I'll gonna have it this roughly for now, And if I think to the extent it won't be a problem.

According to a constitution member, it can be said that in a sense it is a proper conclusion if the number of the members are increased to wrong number of digits in comparison with the past.

In the first place, there are abilities of the tribe which I acquired to survive it in the severe world of nature which have a extremely short periods from the pregnancy to delivery in a goblin and hobgoblin, the tribe which should say the small and weak kind including kobold.

ED note:If you remember, goblin took 30-40 days of pregnancy until the it ready to born

In addition the [Demon Child's Holy Mother] title that grants enhancement to female members has increased, and because there is no shortage of food, the childhood mortality rate has lowered which helped contribute to this increase of numbers.

And after through [existence evolution], since the ability of its former species is inherited with high probability even if I do it and became the high rank class, the numbers of originally slow-growing ogre are greatly increased a little more.

It is natural that the number of members increased because members who achieved the credits as well as it calls their tribes acquaintance from their hometown, and joins their whole families altogether or result from scouting the individuals with the highlight in each place, Therefore, total number of our members are increases.

Not only merely about 3,000 people in front the eye but also the noncombatant who participates as a stagehand (behind the scenes) of the festivals, persons who are currently working at a store of each place. There are also a lot of people who cannot participate because their body is immature or not yet fit for it.

As for such many kinds of a large number of members, to what were their state of armed up to for? familiar?

The equipments are different in each individual, but the quality of equipment expresses the true strength of members who wearing it in their body

For example, there are goblin and Hobgoblin which their most numbers had just recently or newly born are still at low-level base equipment. Or, in the case of kobold, most of them has been provisioned with defined style of complete sets of equipment

Power assist function was included to packaging armor of the black skeleton that belong to the military unit which have variety of complicated shapes. Having crest ( Emblem 入 ) embedded on the coat of Parabellum, I equipped black skeleton with the weapon by using such as [ Bone pile shoot rifle ( Bone.nail.Gun)] which can shooting piles of bone's nail then attached with [ bellows bone sword ( Bone.snake.Sword)] using the devil steel wire to fasten the tie.

[ED note: Bellows = a device with an air bag that emits a stream of air when squeezed together with two handles, used for blowing air into a fire.

Even if I compare even this with the armed forces of a kingdom and the empire for the time being, I got it finished to a considerably high quality things as the equipments for general soldiers who is mostly underling.

The armament already sufficient enough to be speak of, though there's case that was not able to do [existence evolution] from members of our generation such goblin elite. Other than the regulation equipment, they are equipped with many items that had made by us. The weapons which I got from going into the dungeons or prepared by myself, or blacksmith-san and dwarves, or also from the leprechaun who is painstakingly using the magic metal and special fiber.

The quality of equipment is should be fit with how influential users are or their worthiness so they will be used to who only balances with it, and in some cases a goblin is stronger than ogre, and it is the reason that there are many of them whose position is high.

Anyway, Although the balance was slightly bad because the physical size are greatly vary according to certain tribe, still the state of the complete armed members stood in was worth seeing very much.

Even under normal circumstances, there might be showed many ill-natured faces, the equipment also feels a little bit too futuristic, and the sight is just like an army of the demon king who totally comes out of a story.

When I look around it from the on the platform to the wide area while thinking in various ways, there could be seen whether is the person has the look that was filled with a motivation, person who looked pale due to totally frightened by fear, or who is can keep smiling until somewhat to broken smile which varies depend on the person itself.

When I laughed and they grin to respond to it, I somewhat had a feeling that it was gone down with za~tsu(ザッ), but probably just my imagination. ~~[TL;ED Note: It's the situations where you got forced to smile to make sure your superior doesn't notice if you actually doesn't like it at all. za~tsu(ザッ) here is kinda "sigh" sound from the army after relieved Rou didn't notice it. Here, at certain point Rou is dense (just like how he failed to notice the waifus want "night actions" from him)]

The goblin and kobold near the front row quiver with excitement in anticipation of an adventure while turning pale, and some were in such a state that they were fainting from too much excitement and being supported by their armor.

I declared the holding of the festival, and a courageous shout to get with both shout of joy and scream roared in the vast forest.

It started, and at first it was to distribute the members that stirred up to the group from the first to the tenth according to ability.

Because there is too many in it if the events hold on same day, with about 300 members in each group, which means they have to respectively participate in different day for each things of daily festival event.

In order to make sure that the management of the festival goes smoothly, it's been decided that each supervisor will be in charge of running only one event. Inspector are me and Kanami-chan. Minokichi-kun and Asue-chan who both of them had returned before dawn. Burasato-san and Supesei-san who had both already returned with the Grimoires and magic swords that they had collected. Kugime-chan and Aifu-chan who had both returned from a little bit of sightseeing. Avenger who had returned with us. And Rusty Iron Knight who has been training our members at the base for awhile now.

By the way, Seiji-kun is the only member of the [8 Demon Generals] that isn't going to be a supervisor. Since he's the commander of the Medical Corps, ≪Prière≫, he's going to be working behind the scenes and will be on standby unless there's an emergency.

The main purpose of this festival is completely to boost the average force of the members.

In order to raise survival probability for the Holy War even a little, the executives and some have reached more than a certain degree decision, turn around for support to follow the lead. Those are the reason to train well for a short term intensively.

They was also trained than before in around ten days in the plan and should become hard to die, but, by the way, I wonder how many people are remain to stay until the last day.

I move onward to the festival solemnly while praying for half or more of them being left.

By the way, I will be in charge on the first day for the event which is received by the first group who highest in standard. It is the first sunrise of the year "long distance obstacle competition" in the large forest.

The distance range will be 52 kilometers.

About 10 kilometers longer than the standard marathon, and its location is in the natural forest rich enviroment with many challenges and rest areas.

With the paved roads, the physical strength to consume is already far superior than standard while they are in the state of being equipped with armor with some weight.

Besides, when I said "an obstacle", I prepared for a lot of violators which are lie hidden on the course that I set.

The strong monster which wasn't settles down before in the large forest continuously enlarging in present of the power such as apparitions (spirit) that appear and leak out from the hot spring, even if it being left out. Also, The topography becomes the haunted place that fluctuates similar to echoing sounds at its surrounding places.

It will be extremely difficult just to finish the race.

Since it's a competition, there is a punishment game for losing.

[TL-ED halted]

I fixed it so that the difference in ability doesn't divide them, from the start everyone will run so desperately that no amount of luck or strategy could overturn.

My job was easy, I was at the tail end of the group giving those that lagged encouragement beatings.


【A certain Tigerman's perspective】

Suddenly, the events from the past flow through my mind.

It was seven years ago, I was Order by the clans of the village to study foreign exchange and warrior training, along with me were 4 of my comrades that left with me.

Being a beastman I struggled for a while, but it was good fun and i think i would have be successful. As Adventurers we encounter various requests of a wide variety.

However one of the requests turned out to be a trap, and as a result we are put into slavery, forced to work for another empire's military.

Our lives were valued less than common iron scrap metal.

Every day was over poor housing, less food, and severe battlefield.

I can't bear the rough treatment and abuse of the Imperial Army which didn't mind so much as a hair to the sacrifice of our lives, and one friend who when out together with fell down, and then two fell down dead, we were in a state where death comes without even know it.

But i still live, what karma is this.

My life should of ended on that battlefield, but was saved by the help of the Noble Ogre, who now i owe a debt of gratitude.

I intended to continue making effort to repay the favor he gave me.

As a result I came to being accepted here and thought it possible to call it clan or family.

Even more so, from now on, i will continue to repay this debt.

However that determination for that answer is a little bit shaken.

「"INCOMING FROM THE RIGHT! As the vanguard is large, while the rear guard fights, use your shields to sweep it away."」

The trees are lush and the forest is dense.

It reminds me of my hometown where my village lived, and my companions and I would have been covered in mud, desperately advancing forward.


(sound effects Bones rattling)

The sounds coming in tandem from the right-hand side of us, are the advancing column of the black skeleton army.

They number, about one hundred. The army of black bones which stands cross file order inbetween the trees with out any turbulence, shielded by a simple barricade of stacked logs and bones with [bone nail rifles] poised in perfect order, squeezing the trigger in unison.

Immediately after, the bone nails were projected from the muzzles approaching at high penetrating speeds.

They were not to aim at vital parts for safety reasons, this could not be overlooked.


We vanguard roar as we step forward with the shields of a companions if possible, these hooked claws equipped on the hands were knuckle gloves which were forged with the magic alloy that which the dwarf blacksmith developed at the end of his research, [Tiger Claws of Magic] enchantment included.

The magic item [Tiger Claws of Magic] exerts its effect by loading it with magic, and will produce three huge magic claws the size of a sword.

And I move both arms relying only on physical ability with no wasteful movements or power from using the inherited Arts of my tribe that only males could use, the "Beast Arts". The third "Dance of the claws-hashbrowns" to beat down and knock the bone pile off exactly.

(the statement above could use help)

With the swing of an arm the ten bone piles close enough were flipped and scattered and disconnected, which became debris that accumulated underfoot.

Although not even one second has passed since the onslaught of bone nails began, they still continue from the rear and show no sign of waning.

「――Their numbers were many」

The shooting of the bone nail guns didn't stop.

However, it was natural.

In one second the bone nail rifle could fire two rounds, and with one hundred black skeletons operating rifles this produced two hundred nails per second being discharged.

High rank classes such as the black skeleton commanders which are few in numbers, but are mixed throughout the bone army, are not armed with [bone nail rifles], but instead with a different weapon, improved in all performance aspects, the [Bone nail automatic assault rifles] which discharge a substantially increased number of rounds.

「Mixed with a mighty high bone pile island--the horror!」

As for the bone nail gun we can cope without a problem, but the five piles using the bone nail automatic assault rifles had several more times the power than what my arms could prevent.

Cooperating clearly slowed me down for a moment, but as a result I am now being targeted.

The deep murderous killing intent that i sense accelerates from danger of the surrounding environment where in I saw it.

To the rear of the bone army was the black skeleton sniper with a strengthened improved long distance shooting specification [bone nail long distance sniper rifle] and the trigger was just squeezed.


(a grinding noise)

Bone nail sniper rifle muzzle discharged a slightly larger thicker bone nail that was approaching at high speed to my head in order to take away life surely, its impossible to dodge and evade left or right.

I follow my instinct and bare my fangs.

Thought and movement were one action and because I was running on instinct, I closed my mouth and my fangs cut into the bone nail stopping it.

However, I feel that it would of unceremoniously shot through my mouth if I was missing even the slightest focus, while thinking that it doesn't matter if I have broken my fangs as my neck muscles expand in force.

The fang bite took dreadful pressure, and I succeeded to bear the nausea from the smell of the heated bone nail.

While I succeeded in avoiding a clear death, and a cold sweat falls down my back, with a rush I spit out the bone nail.

What is left is fine debris in my mouth, but bad feelings to the sick gritty powder taste, but we will not talk about that.

I hit the bone piles like a hurricane with a single minded devotion.

A rear defender fights back with a bone nail gun, although at first seems the enemy decreased, but all of a sudden there are numerous simple log barricades being formed, and it doesn't decrease at all and is really troublesome, and above all the number of moves the enemy can make is too vast.

Since it is becoming difficult to move as the bone piles that are knocked down are now crowding my feet, I think that the situation will begin to gradually decline--


「「「“The earth swallows"!!」」」(sounds cooler than a hole appears)

The help came from half-earth lords who cooperated together using fourth rank magic to bring the appearance of the huge hole in the ground at the feet of the black skeletons.

The area of effect and development of speed was a joint work of several demons which exceeds the power used by a single earth-lord.

The earth closes in like a carnivorous beast swallowing in the black skeletons along with the simple log barricades leaving no chance to crawl out.

The earth makes a rumble sound and mixed in are also crunching noises, where you can feel the tremors and hear the logs and skeletons braking down and getting crushed together.

I stomped on the earth a couple of times to confirm its rock steady, and i ran to hunt the remaining sniper.

The end of the competition is close at hand and now I give full priority to the bone nail sniper.


(more bone rattle noise)

I move at high speed approaching the bone pile, the key points to the black skeleton sniper is accuracy, therefore its best to prevent it from zeroing in, and get in reach with the magic tiger claws.

As i was coming into reach, I was forced to stop as "Castle walls of black bone ramparts" an installation type barrier to protect and the figure of the black skeleton sniper.

The obstruction was a magic item, a Parabellum original, eight meters high and ten meters wide, with thousands of black bones layered with magic which doesn't allow attacks and forces them to be incomplete.

There is simply no comparison between this and the simple log barricades, very appropriate to call them castle walls.



(for the life of me I couldn't figure out this sound effect “hushiyurururu ......gautsu!” is closest in english)

But without regard to it, I use "Beast Arts" article thirteen "Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm"

"Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm" is a unique breathing technique because of its characteristic of gathering the body's magic and energy to focus at a singular convergence point of magic and compresses it to form a ball to shoot out of the hand, the more focused its compression the higher its penetration power.

The black bone rampart was struck head-on and passes through making a palm sized hole and from that hole is a responding sound of the black skeleton sniper that was hiding in it.


(“hushiyurururururu ......” sound effects)

While I exhale, I check my surroundings for any surviving soldiers, and there doesnt seem to be any.

Still maintaining a minimum amount of vigilance, I check the back of the black bone ramparts to confirm the kill.

The black bone sniper's ribs and spine were crushed, and scattered about the ground, and there was no movement at all.

Verifying its death, I collected the bone nail sniper rifle from where it rolled on the ground.

Before, we were told that, should we defeat our attackers, we are allowed to keep the personal effects that were on said victim.

So these two items were now mine, the bone nail gun and the bone nail sniper rifle, which is still very valuable and useful later on.

The power of the "Fierce Tiger Penetrating Palm" would work exceptionally well with these two items and increase their penetration, and power of destruction, I will be able to use it like this almost immediately.

I found the operation control panel and the black bone ramparts folded into a state of a rectangular box, and I put the three looted magic items in the storage device.

This just might be worth all the pain, I thought to myself as i returned to my colleagues.

As much as i would like to slow down, it will be difficult to finish the race within the time limit.

「Check for wounded」

「Twelve people injured, treatment is finished and movement won't be a problem.」

「Is that so .... but we must push forward, we got a quarter to go. How much hardship will be be after this, just thinking about it makes me tired.」

When returning, the confirmation of circumstances had been finished.

There were many injured people this time, and yet there weren't any beyond saving.

In spite of it being a happy moment, we still had ten kilometers to travel, of the three hundred that started with our group, nearly eighty are injured, and thirty dropouts appeared.

Twenty of the thirty dropouts were people that tried to outwit others at the beginning of the games.

There is no blame on them, because those that fail receive a punishment game.

But those that proceeded ahead of the group were marauded on by attackers and soon fell out.

Those who stand alone will be attacked heavier than the herd.

If there is only one person it is much harder to resist an attack, because with many people and solid comraderie resistance becomes possible followed by unhindered movement forward.

Anyway, I go ahead of the group of the preceding pair using the cooperation of the group to advance forward, the conclusion had be decided all the same with no loss in speed to the finish.

We procede even if at high risk, but do not know if there is enough time.

To advance is hell, to retreat is hell, what a crisis.

We advance forward, while thinking about the debt of gratitude of the demon that pursues us from the rear.

I am thankful for him training us, but could he not be more gentle.

I will probably die before I repay this favor.


Night began and it was finally over, but there were more people that completed the whole distance than expectations.

The first lesson was of sacrifice, and resulted in the rest coming to cooperation naturally.

Unfortunately many dropouts appeared, but it's not a problem because I am not among them.

It could probably be said to be a satisfactory result.

Here, after I get such a feeling, while thinking, it is good, that, in order to obtain the vital force for tomorrow, I ate luxurious food from which the labyrinth ingredients were used, were many in quality and quantity.

After all it was the sister's cooking.