• Gobuta

    The Experiments Of Gobuta

    March 16, 2015 by Gobuta

    Day 1

          I came from another goblin community after I heard about Aporou. I now work in the Ranch training, breeding, feeding, grooming, and experimenting on the various creatures put under my care!

          Right now I'm working with three Armored Tanuki's!

          Let's start with what I'm doing with the Armored Tanuki's. I have all three in separate training pits fighting low class white skeleton creatures, for ten hours each to raise their levels. Afterwards a two hour food break, then for the rest of the day, one runs, one is repeatedly hit by a skeleton on it's shell, and the last one a bit of both. The hypotheses are that the runner will be a mobile creature, the one being hit will be a defensive creature, and the last one will be a bit …

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