Title says it all. Just a recording for my own references to make sure that they all exist later on, once I reach a certain point in my translations of the series and/or need a break. Whichever. =p

Leave a comment for locations I've missed and I'll get 'em on here (I have almost none of the regions on here, heh).



  • Sternbelt/Sternbild Kingdom - a.k.a. the Kingdom
  • Kirika Empire - a.k.a. the Empire
  • Atarakua Demon Empire - a.k.a. the Demon Empire
  • Lumen Holy Kingdom - a.k.a. the Holy Kingdom


  • Jadar Mountains
  • Kuuderun Forest
  • Ortoria Extinct Grove


Normal Dungeons

  • Velvet's Hidden Treasury - In Kuuderun (?) Forest
  • Mine of the Cyclops - In Purgatory
  • Vesper Cave - In Purgatory

Field Dungeons

Age of the Gods Dungeons

  • Aquarium Forlia - In Aquarium, on the borders of the Demon Empire


  • Osvel - Royal Capital of Sternbelt Kingdom
  • Trent  - Fortress City in Sternbelt Kingdom
  • Sengrey (≪セングレイ≫) - City in Sternbelt Kingdom (the one the Strong Grandson makes his last stand at)
  • Purgatory - Labyrinth City in Sternbelt Kingdom
  • Clute Village - Village in Sternbelt Kingdom
  • Mason Village - Village in Sternbelt Kingdom
  • Parabellum HQ - HQ of Rou's merc group in Kuuderun Forest
  • Aquarium - City near the Demon Empire borders with an Age of the Gods dungeon in it.

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