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  • Caudyr

    Just so people know...I've gotten responses back on the lines I needed confirmation/help on from Days 182-188, but I'm already 1/4 done with 189 and am pretty close to finishing the 181-190 block's translation checks and whatnot. For that reason, I'm going to be waiting until I finish up through 190 before I go back, edit 182-190, and then post them.

    That's why they haven't been updated yet. ^^

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  • Caudyr

    Currently only Days 51-60 and 181-190 are on here. Will be populated as I work through it. Will update this top portion as I do so. The rest is just groundwork for it. ^^

    Also...Days 321-330 ARE NOT OUT YET, it's mainly there in preparation for the next well as giving me a place to store my template for the addition of new days. ^^

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  • Caudyr

    Writer Note
    Mistelone One of the Rank Up's mentioned in the first line, ヤフル (Yafuru), is actually also known as 猿鬼 (Monkey Ogre). However, I decided to use the katakana name just to remain the same with the other species names though I'd note it here just for clarification.
    Mistelone The author seems to have made a mistake in Ji's name (the cleric). Usually, the character used for his name is 治 and that's what I saw in the raws from previous days since he got introduced. However, in this Day, the author uses 冶 for the one time the guy is mentioned. If you notice, the only difference between 治 and 冶 is one less stroke for the latter so this is most likely an honest mistake. Still, this actually threw me into a loop since I couldn't find informa…

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  • Caudyr

    As it says in the title, this is a list for the abilities Rou's gotten (I don't know if it's all of them, but it's probably most of them at the very least). It's from the author itself and it also has some descriptions for the abilities...which might help in naming some of them.

    Adding information for translation of ability, day it appears and who/what he gets it from (just 'monsters' if it doesn't say specifically, like on Day 65) as I encounter them in the series (will do the earlier abilities when I get around to checking over those days, heh).

    This will be useful for making sure abilities are consolidated with the same names. Just do a Ctrl+F with the kanji name of an ability to see if it's been translated. ^^

    NOTE!!! This list appears to …

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  • Caudyr

    I'm looking for larger resolution pictures similar in resolution to say...  that...for the following pictures so that I can get someone to pull the text off of them for translating purposes. If you can find some larger resolution versions of the following pictures, can you upload them to the site please? I don't really know where to look, tbh, heh.

    For the last one, The whole page enlarged is fine, but something like  (which is from the other "other races" picture on here) for each side of the page would work, too. ^^

    Just want them big enough that the text can actually be read, heh.

    If you come across a larger version of one of these and post it on the wiki, please lemme know in the comments! Thanks (hopefully)!

    9/20 Edit: The second image app…

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