Hello, i just wanted to pitch an idea or hear all of you guys opinions. I've always been a great fan of fantasy and character customization and ive been drawing or writing bio's etc for original characters for several tv series or worlds that i greatly enjoy,also created some of my own races. But i havent had the wish or urge to do so for over 3 years, but now... with this world, races,rank -ups the character possibilities are endless! 

I was wondering, if it would be possible to create a community for something like this here on this wiki.(or create a additional site if its outside the "qualifications") 

What do you think? My idea for starters would be like the community here creating a goblin "tribe" of our own. Say the adult generations of goblins all died or disappeared while they were out pillaging and the only ones left in the tribe were our oc's + some guidance similar to gobujii and we would follow them through their journey. i know alot of people like creating stories or roleplaying, i myself enjoy the background story of each and their personalities ,weapon of choice etc ,abilities and looks. 

Heard of bleach? Here is my Deviant art, ive got Bleach oc's to make my own captains in a alternative universe(i made these quite early in the series so mine would be "weak" compared to the retarded/insane powerup-/remakes of the canon now) 

-Sry for this huge wall of what might be a waste of your time :p

My creations, i only made the one that is considerably worse quality, the rest was my ideas painted by a very talented artist! which is in the link, there is also a little more.