Uria Dufouns Serge
Front 0444 Uria
Biographical Information
Name Uria Dufouns Serge
Aliases Cleavage Saint
Gender Female
Title(s) Saint of Cleaved Judgment
Status Deceased
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Affiliation Lumen Holy Kingdom
Character Information
Location Lumen Holy Kingdom
Novel Debut Day 336

Uria・Dufouns・Serge, nicknamed as 『Cleavage Saint』is a saint from the Holy Kingdom.


Cleavage Saint(Saint of Cleaved Judgment)

A noble native to Holy Kingdom. Though she is a woman, she wields a two-handed long sword [Sacred Treasure] known as the 【Spirit Sword of Cleave Judgment God(Cleavernt)】 that boasts a length as long as her entire body.

She has access to the Battle Art【 Cleave Judgement sword ・ Transverse of Great Border 】 and its greatest skill Zangeki(Killer-Slashing Attack).


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