Trient is the first human city Rou has visited since being reborn. Here, he met the Tomboy Princess and the Boy Knight. It is a Fortress City.
Its population is comprised of around 40% demi-humans.



When Rou first arrived at Trient, he was barred from entering, due to being an Ogre, and his retinue of Monsters. However thanks to a friend he made during the journey, they managed to get in. Later he tried to get some quests at the Guild, but ended up scaring the receptionists. Later, the female companions of his party decided to go shopping, while the males went with them as escorts (luggage carriers). Rou went a separate way, using his abilities to transform into his old human form, which he did so that he could move around without suspicion, as well as lure robbers. After finding a private place, he then killed and ate some robbers who had been stalking him, while stealing their stuff. Later Rou found a boy knight being attacked by some thieves, who appear to be affiliated to those he just killed. After saving the Boy Knight, Rou learnt his story.

The Tomboy Princess of the Sternbild Kingdom had been kidnapped by the Thieves Guild of the city for a ransom, which the Boy Knight delivered. However, the thieves had raised the price and when the Boy Knight couldn't pay, they attempted to kill him. At this point Rou intervened. He was then requested by Boy Knight to rescue the princess. Rou accepted the quest and easily solved it. He was then later contracted by the Princess to safely escort her to the capital of Sternbild Kingdom, Osvel.

The escort of the Princess was Parabellum's second mission.