A Triple Horned Horse is a horse-like monster that is cover with solid looking scales and with three horns on its head, and its twice the size of a normal horse. A person of average height would have to look straight up just to see it.


A Triple Horned Horse is strong enough to kill a Hobgoblin with ease but with the right tactics it can be taken down. It makes great use of its powerful legs and speed to stab anything in its way with its three horns.

With the solid scales it can defend against attacks that aren't harder or stronger then it. When harmed it becomes very aggressive. It has such a strong vitality.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Armored Scale Charge】: this ability enhances a charge while armored with scales.
  • 【Scaled Horse's Neigh】: the ability to sound like a scaled horse.
  • 【Rapid Recovery】: the ability to recover faster.
  • 【Enhanced Leg Strength】: this ability enhances that streght of one's leg.
  • 【Improved Charging Power】: this ability enhances a charging atack.
  • 【Triple Stab】: the ability to make a simple stab three stabs.
  • 【Strong Frame】: this ability enhances the duration of the body.
  • 【Scale Armor Formation】: the ability to create scale armor on one's body.


Mobile Game

In the game, it can Rank Up into a Triple Horned Green-Scaled Horse (三角の翠鱗馬), which can Rank Up into a Triple Horned Black-Scaled Horse (三角の黒鱗馬).


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