Therese East Eckermann was a knight of the Sternbild Kingdom before becoming a member of Parabellum.


Therese East Eckermann is a young woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears white armor and has a wing-shaped hair pin on the left side of her head.


She possesses a serious personality and is a hard worker. She can't stand having her efforts in strengthening being made light of.
She is also a woman of her word because she agreed to follow Rou if he beat her, which is what inevitably happened.

She possesses deep loyalty; even though she now joined Rou, she still wished for the princess of the Sternbild Kingdom to be healed.



Therese served the Sternbild Kingdom's princess as a knight.

During her duel with Rou, she made a deal with him, stating that if Rou could defeat her, she would be his to command.
He beat her and she became his follower and lover.

During the First Expedition, Rou send her along with Steel to kill some Orcs which had attacked Clute and captured some of their villagers.

Being one of Rou's Mistresses she gained the title Consort of the Overlord on Day 119.

She becomes one of the 18 Demon Warlords with the title of Brilliant Mercy Righteous Knight on Day 255.


Therese is a skilled warrior, being well-known in the Sternbild Kingdom.


  • <<Tsuki no Kaze (Moon Sword))>>: Magic estoc.
  • Lunar Gale: Magic blade. Moonlight strengthens this blade. It is the ideal time for its maximum ability to be exhibited.
  • Cloak of Enchantment: Strengthened by an exclusive blacksmith, this acts as a substitute for a shield.


  • [Combat Art - Sanctuary Rose]: It's one of the strongest blows among the jobs that she has. Generates patterns of red rose's with Holy attribute that are fatal for most undead species.
  • [Combat Art - Wind Raid]: 
  • Lunar Gale [Unique Ability]: A faint red light illuminates on Lunar Gale, absorbing additional magic from the moon to generate a whirlwind. Her strongest blow. Raises the dash speed rapidly. Adding physical strength enhancement [Combat Art - Wind Raid].



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