Tatsushirou is a familiar of Rou.

Alternative name:

  • タツ四郎
  • たつしろう



The ancient race is much more tenacious than the current ones and thus Tatsushiro's innate temperament is quite implacable. Once he recognizes you as an enemy, he will relentlessly chase you until you are reduced to ashes.


First seen on Day 252.

Originally an 80 m fossil found during the [Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain] dungeon's remodeling, Rou revives the dragon with his ability [Fossil Restoration]. The dragon boasts high intelligence and a commanding presence. It belongs to a race of dragons called [Ancient Flame Dragons]. It boasts a huge body frame that is even able to compete against dragons of the [Emperor] class and can carry a great many people on its back.



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