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[Gob grandfather perspective: ninety days]

Oga Ro~o-tachigaa, it was due to go outside Oh N forest.

Per cent of the time Wake~e Son appearance Nya~awashi, remember the per cent. Curiosity Nyi, eyes glowing Kirakkira to those outside.

Gob Baba was Jima~tsu dead also, initially § took Anna eye ~Eshi.

Well, I wonder I did what Tokya skeleton centipede One Shiromon it plugs if N eagle, etc..

After seeing off Son De~e is §, eagle was Tsu Cho to the work of the eagle.

Political us to want to teach how to make the medicine §, huh and per cent remedy when it was attacked by a wild black Wolf, a small dispute arbitration and of huh, per cent only Ya but of repeating that the eagle has been up to now.

After it sank day in Son §, went Toko N Menkoi elf, and Ja I was working hard.

It does increase the number of eagles, etc. and No~o. Important mission Ja.

In-Ya However, Ja mon Oga Akira per cent who has made fun Karaa, this born. Elf Nanzo, Ja thought Raren Shi of until now.

Although there was Geez that it is not annoy, Wow survived Honma.

This, per cent of which celebrated the day eagle also sleep in peace.

Gurukusa chan haircut cut.

It was impossible to imagine more than if you wanted to write it.

PS: Not too sure if those last 2 line are extras or comment by author

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