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 僕を誰だと思っている!! 僕は王国に古くより仕えてきた由緒正しきツカエン子爵家の次男――コイッツ・カーナリ・ツカエンだぞ!?

 不甲斐ない愚図な兄を蹴落とし、有能な妹は他家に嫁がせ、優秀な弟を学院に押し込んでツカエン家の次期当主となるコイッツ様だぞッ! 僕は偉いのだッ。




 それを、それを、あろう事か僕がまったく使えない、などと妄言を吐き、愚劣な手法で強制的にやらせるなど、許されるはずがない! 覚えていろ、お前オーガのような下等種族など、ツカエン子爵家が本気になれば一瞬で――ややや、止めろッ! こっちに来るなッ。く、喰わないでくれッ。頭を齧らないでッッッ!!




 僕を誰だと、僕を誰だと思っているんだ!! こんなところで死んでいい存在じゃないんだ、僕はもっとやりたい事が。



 ……おお、おお! あれは盟友のグドンではないか。


 早く早く早く! あいつが命令する前に早く僕を解放するんだ。そうしないと助からないだろッ。


 だから早く助け――止めろ動くな僕の腕! そのマジックアイテムを掴むんじゃない! 投げるな、投げるな! 巻き込まれる――



 ぶるぅぉぉぉおおおあああああ! 破片が、破片が顔に刺さったッ。痛い、痛い痛いイタイイタイいたいいたい!!



 僕の体が爆風で吹き飛ばされ、その衝撃で手にあったマジックアイテムが爆裂、僕の右腕が吹き飛んだッ! 痛い、痛すぎるッッッ。






 死……ぬの、か? 僕……ここで?





Google Translate

The [suicide is not being distracted was noble slave perspective: seventy-four day]

!! Thinks it's who I am I venerable Tsukaen Viscount house of second son who has old served more to the kingdom - but Koittsu, Kanari, Tsukaen!?

Shameless and kick off the procrastinator brother, talented sister was marry the bamboo, it'll'm Koittsu like a Tsukaen house next family head push the excellent brother to institute ~Tsu! I great for it ~Tsu.

Yet, why such I bran Senebanara this kind of role!

A large amount of magic type of bomb system engulfment, asked for protection to the allies, sow rose from deep in the territory, such as Playful Na ~Tsu.

Such a thing is not in the presence noble like me, yes to throw away as you are serfs and ordinary soldiers both in common sense that to do it Darouga~tsu.

It, it, I do not work at all or that it will allo, etc. and spitting the absurd remarks, and such as a cell forced to do it in a folly method, the user is not supposed to be forgiven! Remember Iro, such as lower races like you auger, Tsukaen Viscount house in an instant if accustomed to serious - somewhat and, Tomero~tsu! Na come over here ~Tsu. Clause, not eaten Kure~tsu. Do not bite the head ~Tsu~tsu~tsu !!

Fu ...... Did you go.

...... Shit, shit shit shit shit.

Do not Do not Playful Na Playful Playful.

When's Who me, it's not there that I die in it do it !! place like this have wanted me and who I am, is it me you want to do more.

Oh, Tomero, do not to say that it was fun and such operations start, moving the body contrary to my intention ~Tsu.

Wait, wait want ーーーーーー !!

...... Oh, oh! Is that not the stupidity of allies.

Tasukero me, take out the magic items in the bosom, Kure~tsu remove the magic items that are in my ear.

Early early early! I do early release me before him to instruction. Not to do so and it Sukekara not Daro~tsu.

Fool, no good, it is different, do not attack. That it's a decoy, in a guy like decoy disguised as is chasing us, gonna favorite is here, I'm a magic item that we have ~Tsu.

So early to help - and Tomero move Na my arm! And why not grab the magic items! Do not throw, do not throw! Get involved -

and quit, Tomero ~O~o ~O~o~o~o~o~o~o !!

«Explosion, blast, flash - [fire real burst seed bursts] are countless bursts»

Bull ~U~o~o~oooo Oh Aa! ~Tsu Debris, the debris stuck to the face. Ouch, I want to say was stomach hurts hurts Itai-Itai !!

Yet, whether the body does not stop ~Tsu. Throwing magic items, and throwing, Nai~tsu stop taking the throw.

Magic items that fell to the ground, the magic items that were hit the ally, burst open burst open burst open!

My body is blown off by the blast, but magic items that were in the hand in the impact explosion, my right arm is blown off ~Tsu! Painful, ~Tsu~tsu~tsu too painful.

It's unpleasant, it Tomero, stop me !!

Yet, Yet it Yet though it is, my body is unstoppable in my intention. The Tomero, stop me, because ask, because pay gold coins in much, somebody me, it Tasukero Yo~o ~O~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~o~oooo the crust oh oh ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!

Another ...... body Na move ..., stomach.

I ...... What was ...?

In rather than breathing ..., view ...... is dark ....

Death ...... cloth, or? I ...... here?

Oh, no to death ...... ...... I have ....

.................. Flash of light, bursting -

«Cause of death: death from explosion»

«He was: 22 years old»

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