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A Certain female slave’s perspective: day 73

Hot springs, I’ve heard about their existence from grandfather a long time ago.

Hot waters gushing out of the earth, if you try going into one when you’re cold, it would feel like heaven on earth. Since grandfather had such a distant, nostalgic look on him when he told us, I remembered it well.

Bandits raided my hometown, they burned my house down and killed my family. I only survived by chance because I was in the woods when it happened. From that day forward, Instead of being a prostitute I volunteered as a soldier. I never had anything that could be called a bath during my times as a soldier, at best I simply went to a nearby river with my friends and we wiped our own body with a piece of cloth.

The men from the nearby village always come to peep at us, and because it was so freezing cold during the winters, we might as well be wiping ourselves solely with the towel.

Ed Note: Basically, the water was so cold, they used as little as possible. Not completely water free though, they still used a bit despite the cold.

My life changed for the better ever since I became a soldier. However, I still never had the experience of completely submerging myself in warm water. Instead we used magic items called showerheads, where hot water showered from above our heads.

Still in the state of temporary bliss, just imagine what would a real hot spring feel like. Just imaging it brings me pleasure.

Then it happened: the war against the elves began. I also participated as a part of my squadron.

By being recognized for one’ outstanding achievements, a soldier can be promoted. Since even a commoner can rise to very high ranks, for the sake for a better life, I was fired up.

As a result, I was enslaved.

When I was initially caught, I thought back to why I became a soldier instead of a prostitute: Since I didn’t want to sell my body. But all that didn’t matter now. From now on, I’ll just be fucked by goblins and hobgoblins, living the remainder of my life as a breeding personnel. “What a dark life I lived” I thought that’s my fate.

But my expectations betrayed me.

The goblins were much more disciplined than I though, and above all protective and gentle. I was confused, but once you get used to them, the goblins have a strange charm to them.

You often hear stories from the seniors about how captured women were raped until their dying day. If you ask me my current life here is much better than my old life.

The bed’s fluffy, and the meals are delicious.

And above all, hot springs were dug out today.

It was the [half lord] Asue who initially found the hot spring.

ED Note: She only said [Half lord], not [half earth-lord]

Therefore, we had a change of plans and began working on the installation of the hot spring. We also helped.

And we actually completed it within a day. From this remarkable completion speed, I think I finally understood the greatness of the skeleton as a labor force, a race I initially pegged as useless.

ED Note: Wording’s slightly different, but the meaning’s the same. Nothing added, nothing deleted.

The executives were the first to enter, but after that we were also allowed to use it.

My long time desire, a hot spring that I originally though was gone for good, and now it’s right in front of me.

Doki Doki, words cannot express my joy as I feel like my body is melting into the waters. Fatigue that originally filled my body seem to melt into the hot waters. My muscle in my limbs start to feel fluffy while my blood circulation increased. It feels like my body’s being heated up.

When I tried drinking the hot water, I remembered the feeling of vitality overflowing in my body once more.

“I can actually enjoy this paradise everyday from now on, besides this place isn’t so bad” I though.

Yeah, not bad at all.

Today, I found nothing but happiness here.



 【とある女奴隷視点:七十三日目】  温泉、という存在を昔祖父から聞いた事がある。  地下から湧き出す高温の水で、ある程度冷ましたものに浸かればこの世の極楽を味わえる、というものらしい。祖父が遠い昔を懐かしむような表情で語ってくれたので、よく覚えている。
 私の故郷は山賊に襲われ、家は焼かれて家族は殺された。偶然森に出かけていた私だけが助かって、娼婦ではなく兵士に志願して現在の生活をするようになるまでは、風呂、と呼べるものにも殆ど入った事がなかった。  せいぜいが濡らした布で身体を拭うか、近くに流れている川まで友達と行くくらいだった。  ただ村の男衆が覗きにくるし、冬は身が凍えるので、殆ど布で拭う程度しかした事がない。
 兵士になってからは段違いによくなったが、それでも温水に全身を浸からせる、という事はした事がない。頭上から温水を降り注がすマジックアイテム、シャワーヘッド、というものを使っていた。  それでもその一時は至福で、本当の温泉に浸かればどうなるのか、と想像する事が楽しみの一つになっていた。
 そんな時に、エルフとの戦いが始まった。私が所属していた部隊が赴く事となる。  ここで功績を上げれば、昇進するかもしれない。平民上がりなので高がしれているけれど、それでももっと良い暮らしをする為に、私は気合いを入れていた。
 でも違った。  ゴブリン達は私が思っていた以上に規律を守り、何より優しかった。歪だけど、慣れるとゴブリンにも愛嬌があると思えるのだから不思議である。  先輩から聞いていた話では捕えられた女はボロボロになるまで犯されぬいて死ぬのに、私は部分的には元よりもいいくらいの生活をさせてもらえている。  ベッドはフカフカだし、ご飯は美味しい。
 そしてなにより、今日、温泉が掘り当てられた。  アス江という姐御的存在である半鬼人が掘り当てたのだ。
 その為、今日は温泉の設置に予定が変更されて、私達も手伝った。  そして一日で完成した。スケルトンという休み無用の労働力の凄さが理解できる早さだと思う。  完成した温泉には最初に幹部組が入ってから、私達が入る事が許された。
 長年の夢、といってもいいくらいに想像していた温泉。それが目の前にある。  ドキドキしながらゆっくり浸かってみると、表現できない気持ちよさに全身が蕩ける。身体中から疲れが湯に滲み出すような心地よさだ。四肢の凝り固まった筋肉が解され、血流が良くなってポカポカと全身が火照る。  試しに湯を飲んでみると、身体の中から元気が溢れるような感覚を覚えた。  この極楽をこれからは毎日堪能できるのなら、別にこのままでもいいかな、と思った。
 うん、悪くない。  ここにしかない幸せを、私は今日見つけたのだ。

Google Translate

[Phrase maidservant perspective: seventy-three day]

Hot Springs, which it heard the presence from his grandfather long ago that.

In water of high temperature begins to spring from the underground, you can enjoy the paradise of this world if tired to those cool to some extent, it seems thing. Since grandfather told us in, such as nostalgic old distant look, I remember well.

My hometown is attacked by bandits, the house is burned to the family was killed. I just by chance had gone to the forest is survived, in it until to the current life and volunteered to soldier not a prostitute, did not it was also almost went into what can be called a bath, and.

At best cloth can I wipe the body was wet, it was about to go with my friends to the river that flows nearby.

Just to the village of Otokoshu comes to peep, because winter is seen freezing, it has never been only a degree that almost wiping with a cloth.

It became uneven well from becoming a soldier, but still to Hitakara systemic in hot water, it has never been the fact that. Magic items that you showered the hot water from overhead, we were using the shower head, that thing.

Still in the temporary bliss, What happens if tired to real hot spring, to imagine had become one of the fun with.

At such times, the fight against elves began. I have so that the go has troops was a member.

Here By way of achievement, it may be promoted. But high is may because commoner a rise, still in order to a better life, I was fired up.

As a result, I became an caught in slavery.

I caught was initially, I though was a soldier, not the prostitute and because it was the not want to sell the body, I thought that there is no meaning. From now on just being fucked in Goblin and Hobgoblin, ending the life as a breeding personnel, such dark life has thought he my fate.

But it was different.

Goblins is to protect the discipline than I had thought, it was above all Yasashika~tsu. It 's distortion, it is strange When you because he seems that there is a charm to goblin get used to.

To the woman who was caught in the story you have heard from seniors die is survived fucked until the tattered, I in part is you ask is a life much better than the original.

The bed's a fluffy, rice delicious.

Above all, today, hot springs were dug.

He half-demon who was struck, which is the Mob presence of Asue.

Therefore, today is a change in schedule the installation of hot spring, we also helped.

And it was completed in one day. I think it's faster that can be understood by greatness of the labor force of the rest useless called skeleton.

since the beginning of the first executives set to the finished hot spring, we it was allowed to enter.

Long-held dream, a hot spring that has been imagined in as good as gone. It is in the front of the eye.

When I soaked slowly pounding, systemic enchanted to comfortably that can not be expressed. 's Comfort, such as fatigue begins to bleed into hot water from the body. Entrenched muscles of the extremities is understood, warm and systemic hotels getting better blood flow.

When I drink hot water to try and remember the feeling as healthy overflows from within the body.

If for this paradise from now can enjoy every day, I thought separately kana say even this remains, and.

Yeah, not bad.

Here to there is only happiness, I was found today.

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