Synthesis is an ability that Rou acquired from the Chimera on Day 80.

It allows him to synthesize abilities from the ones he currently has. He can use combine them into new abilities or transfer the abilities into objects without losing the original ability.

Synthesis explanation

Synthesized abilities

Day 82:

Armored Dragon Scale Formation=【Dragon Scale Formation】+【Armored Scale Formation】

Ephemeral Eye=【Predict】+【Expanded Field of Vision】

Black Ogre's Strong Body=【Pump Up】+【Lord of the Mountain's Strong Muscles】+【Enhanced Physical Strength】+【Enhanced Leg Strength】+【Improved Jumping Power】

Black Ogre's Roar=【Intimidating Roar】+【Scaled Horse's Neigh】

Black Ogre's Evil Eye=【Evil Eye】+【Intimidating Glare】

Lesser Physical and Magical Damage Reduction=【Lesser Damage Reduction】+【Lesser Magic Damage Reduction】

Unhealing Cursed Wound】=【Inhibit Regeneration】+【Cursed Wounds】

Day 85:

Solid Armored Dragon Scales=【Armored Scale Charge】+【Armored Dragon Scale Formation】

Improved Slashing Penetration=【Improved Slashing Power】+【Improved Piercing Power】

Faster Parallel Thinking=【Quick Thinking】【Parallel Thinking】

Day 103:

Death Voice=【Dissonance】+【Panic Voice】

Indestructible Castle Shell=【Shell Defense】+【Shell Retreat】+【Adamantine Spider's Strong Carapace】

Recognition Difficulty=【Conceal Presence】+【Recognition Obstruction】+【Sneaking】

Berserker Mode=【Surging Combat Instinct】+【Survival Instinct】

Day 111:

Pandemic Black Apostle=【Disease Carrier】+【Plague Infection】+【Epidemic Scatter】

Blazing Adamantine Paralysis Claw】=【Paralysis Claw】+【Burning Claw】+【Adamantine Claw】

Phased Radar Array=【Thermography】+【Echolocation】+【Sense Presence】+【Sense Trap】+【Sense Enemy】

Day 112:

Sense Area=【Hawk Eye】+【Wind Reading】+【Ephemeral Eye】

Day 114:

Black Demon's Charge = 【Improved Charging Power】 + 【Reckless Charge】

Black Demon's Dignity=【Intimidation of the Strong】+【Giant King's Dignity】

Sharp Bone Blade Generation=【Bone Blade Generation】+【Sharp Horn Generation】

Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor=【Crystal Crocodile's Armored Hide】+【Tough Skin】+【Steel Hide】

Day 121:

Indestructible Armored Castle Shell=【Wrought Iron Shell Armor】+【Indestructible Castle Shell】

Hyper Speed Regeneration=【Rapid Recovery】+【High Speed Regeneration】+【Strong Vitality】+【Vitality of the Mysterious Giant】

Tyrant of the Demon Slaying Demon Army=【Familicide】+【Demon Slaying】

Black Demon's Roar=【Lord of the Mountain’s Piercing Roar】+【Black Ogre's Roar】

Illogical Adamantine Strength=【Bristle Guard】+【Strong Body】+【Lord of the Mountain's Stout Hide】+【Giant King's Flesh and Blood】+【Giant King's Body】+【Black Ogre's Strong Body】

Day 122:

Echoing Arms of the Thunderstorm (Nuhualpilli)=【Left Arm of Penetrating Rain (Parjanya)】+【Right Arm of Roaring Thunder (Illatici)】

Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing=【Peerless Heavy Strike】+【Consecutive Raging Strikes】+【Wild Dance of Heavy Blows】

Grand Cross Smash=【Grand Cross】+【Cross Slash】

Silent Pierce=【Silent Stab】+【Stab】+【Armor Pierce】

Heavy Storm Wind=【Storm Wind】+【Slicing Wind】

Heavy Aura Slash=【Aura Slash】+【Heavy Slash】

Day 131:

Flying Crescent Flash=【Crescent Flash】+【Flying Slash】

Day 144:

Heavy Axe Helmet Splitter=【Helmet Splitter】+【Heavy Axe Attack】

Job - Light Sword Warrior=【Job - Light Warrior】+【Job - Light Swordsman】

Day 172

Wraith Touch=【Ghost's Touch】+【Black Ghost's Touch】+【Purple Ghost's Touch】

Day 198

Black Demon King's Laminated Dragon Armor=【Wyvern Scale Formation】+【Solid Armored Dragon Scales】 + 【Shell of Hard Dense Chitin】+【Sharpened Shark Skin】+【Black Demon's Impervious Hardened Skin Armor】

-(skipping some days)-

Day 242

Divine Destruction of the Black Demon=【Giant King's Supreme Strike】+【Giant's Iron Hammer】+【Armor Collapse】+【Overkill】+【Surging Destructive Fists of Flesh Crushing】+【Pressurized Thunder Cannon】

Renovate Tyrannical Power of the Black Demon=【Illogical Adamantine Strength】+【Berserker Mode】+【Heightened Stamina】+【Body of Giant Elephant】+【Herculean Strength】+【Rhinoceros Bone Body Armor】

All Creation=【Pyrokinesis】+【Hydro Hand】+【Electromaster】+【Aero Master】+【Earth Control】+【Plant Control】+【Photon Ruler】+【Gravity Law】+【Elemental (Spirit User)】

Bright Arms of the Thunderstorm+【Echoing Arms of the Thunderstorm】+【Bright Red Arms of Boiling】

The Ingestion of Giant Whale= 【Improved Digestion】+【The Swallow of Great Whale】