First seen in Day 116.

This sword was granted to Aporou, by the gods (presumably the god of sunlight), as a reward for defeating the Avenger.

Aporou tried to eat it but he wasn't able to break it.

As of Day 116, this is the known description of this sword:
Object name - [Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol]

Category - [Unknown, Sword]

Grade - [Unknown]

Class abilities - [Pagan Damnation (Hereshi Nemesis)] [Sunshine Convergence] [Blessing of the Sun] [Light's Hero] [Capacity Expansion] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]

Features - Yatendouji achieved victory against historical figure in -(Conquest War)- Unknown-grade sword was obtained upon victory.

Description - Three forms of those known as gods exist within the world, <<■■ / ■■ / ■■ >> where this blade is one of the ■■ . The blade is imbued with light and tempered in flames near that of a sun, it shines like sunlight.

Yatendouji is the only one capable of viewing this information.

Yatendouji is capable of touching this blade only due to obtaining the subjugation over the previous owner. A person who would touch it without achieving dominion over the previous owner would have unimaginable disasters befall them.

Since it is ■■ destruction, the exceptions are to be absolutely impossible.