Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol is sword that was granted to Aporou by the gods (presumably the God of Sunlight) as a reward for defeating Avenger. First seen in Day 116 (day 121 in the manga).
Equip Soul Sword of Sunlight

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Aporou tried to eat it but he wasn't able to break it.

Day 175 during the coup in the Sternbild Kingdom, Aporou lend it back to Avenger so that he would be able to battle against the Hero of Quivering Water.

This sword is destined to Avenger, but Ovarou is still keeping it, letting him use it more and more.

Hisperiol manga

As of Day 116, this is the known description of this sword:
Object name - [Sunlight's Soul Sword, Hisperiol]

Category - [Unknown, Sword]

Grade - [Unknown]

Class abilities - [Pagan Damnation (Hereshi Nemesis)] [Sunshine Convergence] [Blessing of the Sun] [Light's Hero] [Capacity Expansion] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked] [Locked]

Features - Yatendouji achieved victory against historical figure in -(Conquest War)- Unknown-grade sword was obtained upon victory.

Description - Three forms of those known as gods exist within the world, <<■■ / ■■ / ■■ >> where this blade is one of the ■■ . The blade is imbued with light and tempered in flames near that of a sun, it shines like sunlight.

Yatendouji is the only one capable of viewing this information.

Yatendouji is capable of touching this blade only due to obtaining the subjugation over the previous owner. A person who would touch it without achieving dominion over the previous owner would have unimaginable disasters befall them.

Since it is ■■ destruction, the exceptions are to be absolutely impossible.