Sumeragi Kaede is an Otherworlder who joined Parabellum.


She is a beautiful woman always seen wearing her own ethnic equipment which was based on red and black tones. She has glossy raven-black hair which she keeps tied together. She has soft black eyes.

She wears a unique footwear,  which according to Rou the cluttering sound her footsteps make is quite elegant.


Sumeragi possesses a pragmatic mindset, willing to kill anyone, even Otherworlders like herself, if needed.


First seen in Day 148.

An Otherworlder Female Samurai.

She participated in the «Festival of the Legendary Hero’s March», as a fighter in the Colosseum. She's described as a wanderer coming from the far east and carries the title [Master Swordswoman from an Unknown Land].

She is capable of using the ōdachi named [Waking Dream of the Evening Blossoms]. She wears it at her waist and uses it to slice lumps of metal creating shrapnel, and she can use flying slash attacks. She is known to wield a sharp sword made of ice with a substantial and abnormal cutting ability.

In the arena she doesn't have the same overpowering presence that Gladiator King has, however one can still feel the strength coming from her calm yet beautiful figure.

After the colosseum fight, she admitted defeat to Rou and got recruited by him as a possible war potential.

Due to her experience meeting many people in her travels and because she had briefly done a similair role in her original world, she was given the title of "Royal Capital Shop Manger" by Rou and made the General Manager of his store in the Royal Capital on day 190. She wasn't pleased with the job due to the stress of dealing with merchants and Nobles that were constantly trying to haggle the prices.

Rou also occasionally uses her as a bodyguard for Auro.

Becomes one of the 【18 Demon Warlords】 on Day 272.