Sui is a member of Parabellum.


Sui has medium length hair tied into pigtails.



She was the first to become a Hobgoblin Cleric after Ji, this evolution must be because of the close friendship she had with him. That made her the 2nd member of Prière.

During the First Expedition, she was in the Second Group along Kichi, E, Shibainu and cie to hunt dungeons. It's at this time that she evolved to Half Saint Lord.


As a Saint Lord, she presumably has powerful healing magic at her disposal.

Rank Up

Race Type Name Day
Goblin - Gobusui N/A
Hobgoblin Cleric (subspecies) Hobusui Day 61

(manga: Day 64 )

Half Saint Lord - Seisui Day 119
Saint Lord  ??? Seisui ???