A tier 5 [Rank Up] evolution, the Spiritian Queen is a potential route when a Spell Lord promotes.


As part of the Spell Lord evolution branch, this form has little differences with the previous form. (i.e. added Ogre Orbs on the front, longer hair).


As their previous forms, the Spiritian Queen excels on spell casting. In contrast to an obvious growth in her ability to use magic, her physical abilities are now lower than those of Spell Lords.

The main innovation is 8 rainbow colored steel spheres orbiting around the Spiritian Queen. They are some type of special Ogre Orbs and ordinary steel knives are not able to leave any scratches on them. They can recover from small scratches, after some tens of seconds.

But their true role shows when magic is used:
Using these 8 balls as catalysts, it is possible to easily cast the highly ranked magic that previously would cause a lot of difficulties. And with the use of 8 areas, the main force of attack multiplies the magic attack 8 times, yielding a completely different level of ability.

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