Fire Spirit Stones

Fire Spirit Stones

Spirit Stones are stones in which non-sentient, low level spirits resides. These spirits all have an elemental attribute. Spirit stones are usually found in places that corresponds with their elemental attribute, for example, a Fire Spirit Stone may be found in hot places, like volcanoes, or a place with good ventilation may have Wind Spirit Stones. However there are places which can exert an influence, which attracts spirits of various attributes to reside in places they normally wouldn't, like Velvet's Hidden Treasury. It is also possible to find Legendary class Spirit Stones in the heart of powerful Monsters, like the Jade Eagle, though this is extremely rare.

If one of these stones are forged into an item, it can drastically improve their performance. If a [Smith] frequently handles these stones, they maybe able to get the new job, Spirit Smith.

List of Spirit Stones and Obtainable AbilitiesEdit

  • Fire Spirit Stones
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Flame Resistance
  • Water Spirit Stones
  • Hydro Hand
  • Aqua Resistance
  • Lightning Spirit Stones
  • Electromaster
  • Lightning Resistance
  • Wind Spirit Stones
  • Aero Master
  • Wind Resistance
  • Earth Spirit Stones
  • Earth Control
  • Earth Resistance
  • Light Spirit Stones
  • Photon Ruler
  • Light Resistance
  • Dark Spirit Stones
  • Gravity Law
  • Dark Resistance

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