Species are the types of Monsters in the series. Sometimes certain monsters gain additional benefits, that separates them from the rest of their species, which are generally beneficial.


The different species tend to be Blessed with Protection of Gods and/or Demigods which, depending on the Divine Being that gave the Blessing, is capable of giving the Monsters special skills or improved defense against a certain element.
However, such Monsters are considered to be quite rare. Monsters usually become these alternate species upon Ranking Up, after clearing certain conditions, though occasionally, if a parent of theirs has proven to be exceptional, they are born as such.
Physically, their most notable difference from a normal monster of the same kind would be differently colored skin, which is a sign of the blessing.


A Variant (亜種)(バリアント) can be considered a mutation of the normal Monsters.

Known Variants


Mixbloods are rare but powerful crossbreed children. When extremely powerful beings breed with Humans, a rare occurrence happens when a child is born as half Human and half Monster. These mixbloods are generally killed soon after birth as they don't fit in either parents' societies, and have a reputation for having warped mentality from a difficult childhood. Despite being part Monster, mixbloods are also capable of having jobs.

Known Mixbloods

Other Species

There are even rarer races than those mentioned above. Currently there are some characters that have managed to achieve these forms. However, to do so, numerous difficult conditions have to be met.

Known Rare Species

Rare Species (希少種) are considered rarer than variants, and are thought to be even more powerful.

Known Ex-Species

Ex-Species (絶滅種)(エクスピシーズ)(Extinct Species)

Known New Species

New Species (新種)

Known Superior Species

Superior Species (超越種)(スペリオリシース)

Known Vaizra Species

Vaiśra/Vaizra Species (Living God Species)(現神種)(ヴァイシュラシーズ)