Slimes are Monsters with an inconsistent form, resembling a blob. They are considered troublesome opponents as magic is required to defeat them. Upon defeating them, they leave nothing but their core.

Types of Slime

Green Slime

First introduced on Day 22. Gelatinous creatures with no definite shape, and while resistant to physical attacks, is weak to magic attacks.

Acquired Abilities

  • Physical Damage Reduction: The ability to reduce the damage from physical atacks.
  • Self Body-Fluid Control: The ability to fully control your body fluids, like transforming sweat in acid.
  • Metamorphosis: The ability to morph one's body.

Gray Slime

First introduced on Day 45. Gray Slime are slimes that are similar to Green Slime, but are larger, have more physical resilience, and are now resistant to some types of magic.

Acquired Abilities

  • Physical Damage Resistance: The Physical Damage Reduction leveled up, basically more resistance to physical damage.
  • Self-Replication: The ability to replicate the user using one's fluids, like blood.
  • Infused Liquid Restoration: The ability to restore itself using fluids.

White Slime

First introduced on Day 107. It's somewhat gray in appearance. It can increase its hardness and is hard to hit. It also has a resistance to physical attacks.

Aqua Slime

First introduced on Day 161. A slime that resides in the Vesper Cave dungeon in Purgatory. It looks like the water puddles around it at first glance.

Trash Slime

First introduced on Day 165. A slime that resides in the underground sewer system in Osvel that grows by taking in garbage and sewage. 

Lava Slime (Great Lava Licking Slime)

First introduced on Day 235. One of the monsters roaming around in the [God] rank Age of the Gods Dungeon: Flames of Fire Dragon Mountain. Have the habit of mimicking lava, waiting to ambush targets passing by. They are capable of high speed movement, can generate volcanic gasses and shoots out acid body fluids.



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