Skeletons are undead creatures whose bones can be used as materials for blacksmith and alchemy. They were used as one type of guards by Velvet for his treasury.

Alternative Names:

  • 骸骨兵士
  • (スケルトン) (Skeleton)

While Rou initially did not see any skeleton on his visit to Velvet's dungeon, Kobolds accidentally created a hole between the Kolbold's residence to the dungeon, and unleashed the skeletons and Greater Skeleton which were defeated by Rou's group.


Obtainable Skills

  • Slash Resistance
  • Pierce Resistance
  • Vulnerable to Sunlight
  • Vulnerable to Blunt Strikes
  • Null Critical Hit
  • Tireless
  • Synostosis
  • Joint Magic
  • Equipment Materialization
  • Evil Miasma of Life
  • Negative Energy
  • Null Abnormal State
  • Null Cold Damage
  • Null Electric Damage
  • Acid Damage Resistance
  • Vulnerable to Light Damage
  • Vulnerable to Holy Damage
  • Vulnerable to Fire Damage
  • Anaerobic



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