The Six Chief Generals are the main military force and military leadership of the Atarakua Demon Empire.

First mentioned in Day 157.

First seen in Day 336.

Equivalent to the Sternbild Kingdom's Four Symbolic Heroes and the Kirika Empire's Eight Great Knights.

Known Members

  1. First Seat - 【Heavy White General(Helvii.Via)】 who is the son of the 【 Demon Emperor 】. (Promoted to Demon Emperor)
  2. Second Seat - Heavy Black General(Helvii.Blaud)Zemuras Su Suramuze, nick named as 『Black General』. Irregular lineage demon race. Gender is uncertain (deceased)
  3. Third Seat - Heavy Green General(Helvii.Jerio)Falnia=Yaruu, nick named as 『Green General』. Birds lineage demon race. A woman (deceased)
  4. Fourth Seat - Heavy Scarlet General(Helvii.Skald)Ballark Barak, nick named as 『Scarlet General』. A metal-based type demon race. A man. Has nothing except 2,000 elite force unit. He is a Midian with his entire body covered in a scarlet metal shell (deceased)
  5. Fifth Seat - ???
  6. Sixth Seat - ???

【Heavy Indigo General】 who is supporting the Demon Empire back, and then the youngest 【Heavy Purple General】 are like the caretaker or house-watching. They were both named but we don't know which rank they have.