Sigurd Ace Sven
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Biographical Information
Name Sigurd Ace Sven
Aliases Avenger (復讐者)
Gender Male
Title(s) Hero of Sunlight
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race (種族) Human
Job(s) (職業) Berserker
Affiliation Sternbild Kingdom (former)
Character Information
Location Orc Mines
Novel Debut Day 116

Known as the Avenger, his true name is Sigurd Ace Sven.

Found by Rou in a village holding the upper half of his lover, he was overcome with rage and fought with Rou. After being defeated by Rou, he was offered to be Rou's subordinate in exchange for Rou's help in obtaining the power to avenge his lover.
He was one of the main characters in this world, chosen one by the gods like Rou, who had his own storyline written in the Heroic Psalms. He is now part of Rou's story.
Rou took over as his "god" and now manages his abilities and controls his growth.

We found out in his POV of Day 116 that his village was destroyed by a centipede monster sent by some Hero.




Witch of Mystic Flame

Merciful Maiden


Cavalier Keeper


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