First seen in Day 103.

A forest located in the Sternbild Kingdom and on the way to the Royal Capital Osvel from the Fortress City Trient.

There are several beast species and insect species around a huge lake and river system deep within the forest. From this, many of the species of this forest are amphibian.

Known Species of Monster in this LocationEdit

  • Red Lizard that had red claws and scales that burned with a high heat.
  • Guriforundo A cheetah-like creature that shoots red flames from both its tail and claws.
  • Kelpie A slimy frog-like horse with light-blue scales that had both hind legs and a thick tail - quite the interesting creature.
  • Crystal Crocodile A creature about eight meters in length with skin and fangs made of quartz crystals.
  • Ness Frog A yellow frog species with poisonous patterns that had shades of purple.
  • Silent Mosquito A silent mosquito type that sucks blood, about ten centimeters in size.

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