Scarface is a skeleton that was summoned and later altered by Rou.


Scarface originally looked like a skeleton in black armor. He got a distinctive scar on his face after a training session with Kichi.


First seen on Day 121.

After ranking up from Black Skeletons to Black Undead Knights, their intelligence will slowly increase the longer they are active. During a training session with Minokichi, one of the Black Undead Knights took a heavy blow to the skull from his axe, leaving it with a distinctive scar, and was subsequently nicknamed Scarface.

On Day 127, Scarface was able to place 10th in a fighting tournament hosted by Rou.

On Day 272, Scarface gained a more heinous appearance while being awakened as one of Rou's [18 Demonic Warlords] after ranking up and was granted the Title [Annihilation Corpse].


Rou is able to modify the Black Skeletons. He modified two Black Undead Knights, and two Black Skeleton Horse Soldiers using [Synthesis] and [Bone Union] to combine them, taking the upper bodies of the Knights and attaching them to the lower bodies of the Horse Soldiers, while using spare bones to fill in any gaps. The black aura of the undead spread over the whole body, creating a new more powerful kind of monster [Black Undead Dragoon Knight]. One of the Black Undead Knights used was Scarface.

The above mentioned was done on Day 123.



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