First mentioned Day 170.

King Rorgis's, founder of the Sternbild Kingdom, father

He was considered a 【Disaster Designated Individual】 class monster, born into the world as a result of a 【Mountain God】 that was defeated during 【Eschatology: War of Conquest】 losing all of its divine power and falling into ruin, becoming known as 【Fallen God: Old Man in the Mountain's Shadow】. At that point, a figure similar to an ape man was produced out of his own flesh and blood, as well as his brain, creating the mind reader, 【Satori】.

【Satori】 arrived from an island nation in the far east, which existed across the ocean.

Satori, who had a very tough body and was quite ferocious, also inherited the regrets of his creator, the 【Great God: ■■■】, who supported the world in accordance with the direction they decided on.

It's said that aside from his ability to read minds, he had a body that was no less than four meters tall and the bristles that grew on it had a hardness equal to dragon scales, while his movements could surpass the speed of sound.

That Satori intruded in the war that occurred between Ruskatia and another tribe.

The war ended after three days and nights when Ruskatia beheaded their leader. The damage done by Satori to Ruskatia's companions that participated in the war was enormous, though the damage the other tribe they were fighting suffered almost completely destroyed them.

Ruskatia became pregnant due to a spurt of the Satori's blood. Though it's not certain why she gave birth to Rorgis, her sworn enemy's child, but the circumstances caused the two to become one.


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