Sato was a goblin from the previous generation before Rou. She was with the group of older goblins and hobgoblins that captured the 5 female humans.



As a hobgoblin Sato is the the size as an average female, wearing a standard light armor.

Half Blood Lord

She is two meters tall, with clearly defined muscles. She has modest breasts, and in the center of her forehead a 15 centimeter ruby extended.
She has carnelian colored pupils, slightly red skin, and long red hair the color of blood that was bound by string into a ponytail.
A unique characteristic of hers was that she also had two bright red Ogre orbs about five centimeters in diameter embedded into her hands.

Sato has developed a black tattoo similar to Rou’s on her back (left shoulder in the manga).

Sato was given a set of magic items consisting of full plate armor made with red iron, and a red cape which was a good match for physical and magical attacks. On top this Sato was given an enchanted long sword [Blood Princess] that has the ability to suck blood, even though this hardly seems necessary with her abilities.

Sato has the composure of a knight with her whole body dyed in red.

Blood Lord

After becoming a Blood lord, Sato's muscles become more developed and her height increased by about 10cm.

Rank Up (存在進化) (ランクアップ)

Race Type Name Day
Goblin Gobusato (ゴブ里) Before start of series.
Hobgoblin Hobusato (ホブ里) Before start of series.
Half Blood Lord Burasato (ブラ里) Day 61
Blood Lord Variant Burasato (ブラ里) Day 175
Blood Raid Empress Variant Day 244


Because Sato has always been good with using the sword, she became a [Lord], specifically Sato turned into a [Half Blood Lord].


Rank Ups

Half Blood Lord

Her physical capabilities had grown, compared with before her combat strength grew in leaps and bounds. Because the [Blood Lord] species will excel in close quarters combat. As it is with a race that includes the "Blood Sword" and blood in their name, they have the ability to manipulate the blood of themselves and others, although there are conditions to do so. Even if she cannot use magic, these abilities made her strong. When concerning only direct combat ability she would probably be fourth or third place after Rou and Kichi, and she will certainly be in the top five.

Although it seems that she falls behind Kichi and Mi in terms of physical power, in close quarters combat Rou expects that [Predict], [Precognition], and [Intuition] evens out the match.

Blood Raid Empress

Besides her increase of physical strength, skill and greater number of Ogre-Orbs she's granted the ability to form wings of blood capable of storing enemy's blood for future use making her able to circumvent one of her species greatest vulnerabilities becoming able to use full strengh from the beginning of a fight now being better suited for battling against single individuals and experts at dodging attacks by not having to harvest blood from the immediate enemy or from a battlefield.


  • Blessing of the God of Blood (Day 175)
  • Blessing of the Demigod of Sword (Day 175)


  • a full plate armor made with red iron and a red cape which is a good match for physical and magical attacks.
  • an enchanted long sword [Blood Princess] that has the ability to suck blood
  • a bracelet that have the storage ability


  • Rou (Younger Generation & Leader)
  • Sei (Same Generation, very close friends & lover) The two get along well enough and appear to be more than friends, straight up in a relationship in fact (page 261 confirmed)

Blood raid empress x Spirit witch Queen ship is true


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