Sacred Treasure is a class of magic items that can be obtained by [Those Who Awakened The Psalms/Main Casts]' after piling achievements. They usually start as legendary rank, and can get to phantasmal rank after piling achievements to a certain extent.


When two [Those Who Awakened The Psalms/Main Casts]'s holders confront each other, the loser's sacred treasure will be offered to the winner as a prize, even if it hasn’t been awakened yet.

Additionally, normally the patron deity of the loser will lose all of their divine power to the winner's patron deity and become something even lower than a [Fallen God], though it's unknown if that applies if the winner is under the jurisdiction of a [Great God], that's because the divine power of the [Great God]s is said to be infinite, in other words, they don't need the divine power of the likes of [Demigod]s and [God]s in the first place.