First seen in Day 148.

The red fruit, known as a Ruble, is a fruit that has a shape quite similar to that of a grape.

The Ruble is known for commonly being used to produce juice and wine. If it’s fresh and you lightly wipe the surface with a cloth, then it is perfectly fine to eat one without any problems whatsoever as well.

It’s a very high quality fruit that has a unique sweet yet sour taste that fills the inside of your mouth with flavor.

Also, since it’s a fruit that has a certain detoxifying effect which can prevent one from dying if one’s been poisoned, many of the nobles and royalty quite enjoy eating it.

It’s also quite easy to tell when poison is present as the fruit’s color will change in response to foreign material.

Part of the reason that it holds such popularity is because of the fact that it can be carelessly eaten in quantity without the need of a taste test.

Rubiria considers Rubles to be very delicious.

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