Returner was a Carbuncle that was created by the legendary Magician Velvet, who left it in charge of his treasures after he passed away.


Returner is a 30cm tall brown rabbit-like creature, with a bright red jewel in its forehead.



Returner was created by its master, Velvet, to manage his Velvet's Hidden Treasury after he died. It did so long after Velvet died and mummified in his own treasury. One day, Returner was attacked by some Human adventurers as they sought to take the valuable jewel in its forehead. It managed to escape, but having sustained serious injuries and its core being heavily damaged, it ended up collapsing.

Returner was discovered by Hobue, who had accidentally broken into the Dungeon while mining. The Carbuncle was taken to Ogarou who saved it from immediate danger, though due to its damaged core, it would soon die. After gaining consciousness, it thanked Rou. Returner then explained the situation and offered the Ogre the Dungeon's treasure for driving away or killing the Humans. Rou accepted, though ended up killing the adventurers, and having fulfilled his conditions was guided by Returner to the treasury. Then after greeting its deceased master, Returner promptly died leaving behind only the jewel on its forehead, which was eaten by Rou.


Returner, being an artificial Carbuncle can live on indefinitely as long as its core was not damaged. It managed Velvet's Dungeon for several years, though how it did so is unknown. It seems to have a luck related ability.

Acquired abilities

  • Golden Rule



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