Crimson Armed Gemineuvia is the boss of the 45th floor of the 【Age of the Gods】dungeon 【Aquarium Forlia】.
Some Gemineuvia were seen Day 209 on the 46th floor as mini-bosses.


Crimson Armed Gemineuvia is related to the Vivian race, a water fairy consisting of 2 persons.

The Vivian live near watering holes such as lakes and are, in essence, a gentle race. That being said, everything has its exceptions.

Crimson Armed Gemineuvia, being one of the exceptions, adored to torment others. They’re a dangerous monster that would kill any fool that was done in by their pretty face and 【Charm】.


They appear like two beautiful women standing on the very large surface of a lake.

Blue, glittering long hair extended to their waist, reflecting the light. Their blue eyes drive their prey which sank in them to insanity. The cold, murderous intent of these smiling twins is hidden by their beautiful, doll-like faces.

They are wearing beautiful mercury evening dresses, decorated with an ornament that have a skull-like gem embedded in the seedbed of blooming water lilies. Red dress gloves cover everything until halfway up their upper arms. They wear scarfs so pale that are almost transparent. Their red dress gloves seemed to be composed out of the blood of the creatures they killed.

They are approximately 160 centimeters tall, and have a very thin, delicate build in general. Nevertheless, because of their soft feminine curves and nonchalant behavior, they give off a strong sex appeal.

Intending to look frail, they look like they could be beaten by just looking at them.


They have a natural 【Charm】 magic, like dryads.

Anyone flirting with them gets mesmerized and any liquid they touch gets boiled. Through their magic, any liquid could become as hot as 500°C.

So if you get bewildered by their beauty, there’s the possibility that you’d get killed the moment you get touched, because your blood will boil when touched.

If you decapitate one of them, while the other is still alive, she gets revived immediately. It’s necessary to kill both at the same time in order to subdue them.

And, seeing as they’re a water fairy, they can absorb magic if there’s a large volume of water nearby, which apparently also restores some health.

Seeing as their surroundings are a place filled with water, it became their weapon, making it their perfect hunting ground.

The twins cooperate and manipulate the hot water, creating many dragon heads.
Several hundreds of them can float midair, creating an artillery targeting the water dome.

Because of the variety of attacks, it is hard to defend against the wide array of water attacks.

One annoying thing about the twins is that they kept a constant distance from their enemy. One take position in front, the other behind.

They rotated intelligently, circling around the lake’s surface while attacking remotely.

Acquired Abilities

  • 【Hot Water Torrent】 by clearing the condition 【Solo Kill】
  • 【Bright Red Arms of Boiling】
  • 【Reconstruct Existence】
  • 【Duplicate Existence】