List of Monsters Mentioned:
-Red Headed Monkey
-Celestial Demonic Mouse Capybara
-Long-armed Bears
-Silver Tigers
-Half Midean
-Dundee Demon Man
-Storm Dragon
-Poison Dragon Icy Blood
-Poluryba Giermann
-Fierce Brawler
-Crab Strong Fist
-Bishop of Vicious Seas
-Rampaging Brawler
-Dark Beast of Precious Stones
-Dungeon Man Warrior Lord
-Black Sea Great Admiral
-Devourer of Islands
-Yakudzolitsy Carp
-Octopus Heavy Warrior
-Cannon Turtle
-Mine Jellyfish
-Shark Demonic Spirit (Megalodon)
-Great Empress Bestowing Blessings
-Giruman Lords
-Bishops Evil Seas
-Black Giant Skeleton Soldier
-Black Giant skeleton Gardner
-Black Cyclops Butcher
-Black Troll-Haimeiji
-Maryuoni Chaos Giant Toriokimeira-Geryuoneusu
-Kuromaryuoni Chaos Giant Black trio texture Ira Geryuoneusu

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